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Amy Clarke

Great great movie. Not enough characters from the book though.

Everyone missed Uriah. But did you remember these characters that weren't in the movie?

First off there wasn't Edward and Maura. Edward getting his eye stabbed was the main source of my hatred toward Peter and Myra well she was just there to be a background character. No fair cutting her out though.

Marlene and Lynn wasn't in it either but I say most people noticed them.

Drew, I love/hated him in the book and his little gang with Peter and Molly was completely dismissed by Divergent director Neil Burger.

Susan Black and her brother Robert didn't make any appearance. Whether Susan will be Insurgent, I'm not sure.

No Zeke or Shauna in the first instalment of the trilogy. I am pretty sure they will be in Insurgent and Allegiant.

Cara, Will's brother didn't feature. No big deal, really. Didn't have a great part, anyway.

Max, Dauntless faction member, Dauntless Leader had no part either.

All these characters are not in the movie. Some like Uriah should have been included but other's like Cara were not badly missed because of short or unimportant appearances.


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