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So, like many of you, I've seen the leaked pilot episode of the new CW Flash series and to be perfectly honest I really liked it. However, as I watched it I noticed certain things that gave me an indication of how the CW is going to set up their growing television Universe.

Chief among these things is that it became apparent to me that[The Flash](movie:15273) is being set up to be the "Superman" of this universe in the same way that [Arrow](series:720988) is the "batman".

For those of you who haven't see the episode I will try to refrain from any specific Spoilers, but I'll warn you if I start to get close to some.

First things First, (can anyone read the words "First thing first without thinking of that Iggy song Fancy? I cant but I digress) the way the show is set up is a stark contrast to the its Arrow counterpart. the pace of the show fits very well with the character, with Arrow story arcs and plot points tend to take several episodes to follow through and many aspects of the show take a while to develop. With the flash, things progress much faster, the first episode has covers his entire back story and his superhero origins, beating his first super villain and getting his suit and name all within the standard run time.

Now, the superman comparisons come with the tone and structure. The show is much more upbeat and visually brighter than arrow and Central City is a much more positively appealing city than Starling.

Also, the episode is ridden with overtones of his purpose being to be a symbol of hope and inspiration to his people, which is something that's not present in Arrow and...

(Slight spoiler ahead... told ya I'd warn you)

When Oliver shows up for his cameo he even tells Barry that he can be something to his city that the Arrow could never be.

Now, Arrow is the Batman of this universe, I feel pretty confident that thats a clear point. But with the Flash, I don't think that it'll be as 'on the nose' as Arrow is, however I do believe that as the show progresses, and as he will be a hero that stands more in the spotlight while Arrow sticks to the Shadows, it will become more evident of the symbolic role he plays. Also, with the rumors that there will be a Justice League in this CW universe becoming more prevalent along with the fact that Arrow and Flash are the first two, one dark brooding, agile character without powers and one bright upbeat character with powers. Yea.. thats it.

Here's that trailer again, in case you missed it.


Are The Flash & Arrow the Superman/ Batman of CW?


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