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I did a Top 10 Best Batsuits list, a Top 10 Worst Batsuits List, a Top 5 Best Superman suits list, and in the future I plan on doing a Top 5 WORST Superman suits list. But now we're going to take a look at the baddies of Batman. There are going to be a few rules to this list:

1. Major DC villains that Batman has fought in the past do not count, so Darkseid, Starro, etc. will not appear on this list.

2. No One Timers. The villains on this list have to be reoccuring villains so characters like the Mad Bomber or Music Meister will not appear on this list. Trust me I love Music Meister.

3. No Heroes Gone Rogue: That means Superman, Jason Todd, evil Batman do not count.

Let us begin the Countdown!

10. Victor Zsasz

Basically has become the Norman Bates or Hannibal Lectur to Gotham City, Zsasz is one terrifying and actually realistic adversary for Batman to fight. A man who tally marks his skin with a knife after every

9. Deadshot

Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot is the world's greatest assassin and marksman going after the world's greatest detective. Sounds like an awesome time to be had. If you want to see Deadshot at his best either play Batman Arkham City, Arkham Origins, or see the anthology film Batman Gotham Knight.

8. The Mad Hatter

Think Riddler meets Inception. This guy is one creepy villain who you don't want to mess with if he has his mind control cards. Watch the Batman the Animated Series episode Perchance to Dream to see him at his best.

7. Killer Croc

A man born with a deformity was raised in the sewers by a circus...

NO NOT HIM! Waylon Jones AKA the Killer Croc. Both a threatening villain...yet a sympathetic villain at the same time. He's just a man born with a rare condition and shunned by it. It's a great story and done very well in Batman the Animated Series, Arkham Asylum and...even the dreaded "The Batman" series did it right. I will never say anything good about that show ever again. He's a great villain and I actually look forward to seeing him be done in a movie...unless you count Tim Burton using his story for Penguin...*facepalm*

6. Hush

Want to creep an audience out? Show them the story of Bruce Wayne's old friend Tommy Elliot who tried to murder his parents and inherit their wealth and then became a killer who cuts off people's faces and uses them as disguises. Yeah that's all you need to know to confirm this guy is a great Batman villain.

5. Two-Face

Another more realistic villain who was also once Bruce Wayne's good friend but due to his alternate personality ruining his life, Harvey Dent now operates in a binary system where he must make decision via a coin flip. A great villain who has never been botched up when being adapted.

Except that...

And that...

Okay this guy has not been treated well on the big screen but the Animated Series, the Arkham games, and the comics have done this character perfectly.

4. Mr. Freeze

I will not be making a Batman & Robin reference........DANG IT!

Before Mr. Freeze was the subject of facepalm worthy lines with a facepalm worthy movie, Mr. Freeze got popular due to the episode known as Heart Of Ice from Batman TAS, it left us feeling so sorry for this villain that sometimes you felt that he's not really a villain. He's just a man trying to save his wife. Thankfully over the years Mr. Freeze has remembered the way he should be and many are hoping he will be a villain in the new DC Cinematic Universe.

3. The Joker

Yeah you knew he was going to appear on this list. Even though I freaking tired of him being redone so many times, I always do enjoy seeing a new Joker. Even in the Dark Knight (a movie I really do not like), I thought Heath Ledger was one of the good things. While Ledger is not my favorite Joker by far, I thought he was fine.

We all remember Mark Hamill's famous performance as the character from Batman the Animated series, Batman Beyond The Return of the Joker (my all time favorite animated Batman movie), and the first two Arkham games. When it comes to the Joker, Mark Hamill is the definitive Joker...but he is not my number one Joker.

Now before you call me a Judas let me just give my favorite Joker and my reasons as to why he's my favorite.

Troy Baker's Joker from Batman Arkham Origins. To me, Troy Baker does everything Mark Hamill does...but actually manages to do it better. Look I will always love Hamill to the day I die but the reason I love Troy Baker is because he was given the opportunity to go full our psychotic in Origins whereas Hamill had to be restrained due to the fact that Batman TAS was a family show so they couldn't show Joker killing his own men by throwing them out a window, blowing up buildings, threatening to kill himself with an electric chair, or sing about his admiration to Batman...yeah. Joker is the Moriarty of Batman, he's the exact opposite but also the same as Batman, the perfect rival for him.

2. The Riddler

Okay I have to confess...I actually do enjoy Jim Carrey's performance as the Riddler. I know that he's just replicating the 1960s Riddler but it was still enjoyable. But I do hope in the future we get a Riddler that is methodical, creepy, incredibly smart, and doesn't gives us riddles that a toddler would solve. A villain who never fights Batman with his fists but actually challenges Batman with physical and mental tasks.

And we come to my number one, not only is this person my number one favorite villain but also my number one favorite Batman character of ALL TIME....

1. Harley Quinn

*Sigh* Has there ever been a fictional character you will always be in love with? Yeah Harley is mine....Okay I'm going to go into the explanation before this gets weird. Everything about this character from her magnificent backstory, her personality, her....well really good looks (especially in Arkham Aslyum and Arkham Knight), she is an amazing character who deserves to be in a movie. HINT HINT WARNER BROS! She happens to be my favorite character to play as in Injustice Gods Among Us along with Superman.

So that is my list of the Top 10 best Batman villains. Do you agree with me or disagree with any of these? Let me know in the comments below! Happy 75th Birthday Batman!


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