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Apes on horses! Apes on horses!!!

**Will Contain Spoilers**

I was very much looking forward to this movie and it didn’t disappoint from the scenery to the character everything works perfect into making this possibly the best movie of the year so far. This combines the blockbuster feeling and action with a great dramatic story and fantastic performances.

The story is very deep and insightful, it revolves about two group of living beings trying to survive each in their own way, but due to misunderstanding, misconception, hatred and the pure instinct to survive the cause of these two groups living together in harmony is doomed from the beginning. But we don’t get there without having both sides trying to make it work, here comes Jason Clarke as Malcom from the human side and Andy Serkis as Ceasar from the apes; they go through good and bad moments and push the believe that there can be a good middle ground for everyone. However, not everyone shares this opinion and Koba, a hateful ape, is determined to show Ceasar of what humans are capable and what they will do. The story progresses through these characters and I feel it’s best going through about them individually and their respective performances that brought this world to life.

I feel I can group together the humans, as Malcom leads the charge to a better world, Dreyfus wants the same but he is not opposed to killing all the apes; in this situation neither of them are wrong but their actions will cause many things going forward. The performances of each human character were pretty great, I think Jason is becoming a better and better actor and I wont be surprised if he becomes an A list in the future, Gary Oldman as always great on anything he does brings that survival need for the humans to life in his very unique way.

But this is a movie about apes and they don’t forget this because here is where the performances shine. There is this scene where Koba tells the human work that has been done to him to Ceasar and you can see the emotion and pain as he shows every scar and how it pains him remembering those moments, Toby Kebbell did a fantastic job with Koba. Koba who eventually became the villain of the story so set with hatred to make humans suffer for what they did to him, he is willing to kill his best friend (Ceasar) and take power of the apes for his own hating purposes and no other ape will come in his way. During a review someone said that he was the typical twisting mustache villain and that his excuse for rising to power was the humans; I beg to differ because it was that hatred towards humans and the fact that he couldn’t get on the same side as Ceasar that drove him to kill humans, that drove him to make up a plan to destroy them without any remorse or anyone stopping him, once he got a taste of power he wanted it for himself and use it for his benefit, but he didn’t get to that point if it wasn’t driven by his actions through the movie which take him from loving and respecting Ceasar and apes to basically becoming another evil human.

In contrast to Koba we have Ceasar, our main character from the past movie and this one, this is possibly one of the best characters we have seen this year; he is flawed but that is what makes him so great, he is not perfect but he still tries to make the best decisions for everyone. He carries a heavy burden that I don’t think he wanted to carry but is willing to and those are the ones that make the best leaders, and you see his pain and his determination and love through the amazing performance of Andy Serkis. Andy Serkis should be nominated for an Oscar on this performance, he gave us a range of emotions and made Ceasar both ape and human. There is this scene, you’ve probably seen it in the trailers, where Ceasar is looking at a video of him and Will (James Franco character) and in that one moment Andy Serkis transmits to the audience the love that he has for humans and the conflict that he has now being part the apes and he doesn’t want to go to war, in a way I think he wishes he was back there with Will learning and just loving. At the end his character development is the one that goes through the most changes, from thinking Apes and better than humans to the conflict that he carries to acknowledging that both species are the same and even though there was a piece of hope that could unite them both war is inevitable. This is shown in that last scene where Malcom warns Ceasar and Ceasar accepts that this war will happen, no way of going back, what saddens him the most is that ape began the war and good people like Malcom and his family will be affected by this.

The cinematography and special effects of this movie were amazing, the realism with the apes and the decaying city of San Francisco shows once again why, personally, WETA is the best in the industry; and cannot forget how the score brought the emotion and impact along with each scene.

All of this combined with a very important story where the is no clear answer, makes Dawn of the Planet of the Apes an amazing movie, even better than the first one. I give it a 9.75 (it has to beat a little all previous amazing works of the year lol).


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