ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

People hate it, people were disappointed, it carries a 15% rotten score and that still doesn't stop the big money making machine that this movie became, so much that on it's third weekend it became the #1 highest grossing movie of the year. Yep it took down [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) in just three weeks with $752 million world wide, part of this is thanks to China where it's the #1 grossing movie in history with $262 million.

This will be the first movie of the year to reach the $1 billion mark (some people say that it will be the only one, I doubt it we still have Guardians of the Galaxy that it's tracking incredible well and who knows might surprise everyone's predictions, but there are two sequels that already have made big numbers last year those are [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261)y and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five armies, both who had a great movie before it my bets are they will too cross the billion dollar mark).

So there you have it people, sometimes quality doesn't mean box office quantity because even though Michael Bay doesn't know how to make great movies anymore he definitely knows how to blow up (pun intended) the box office.


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