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Okay, so let's be clear. [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) was a close to perfect movie for fans. For them it was arguably the best spidey movie ever made. So where did it go wrong? Why did it not make nearly as much as Sony expected the blockbuster movie to make? I'm here to talk about it, as well as get deeper into the movie by relating it to the original comics that this movie followed.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Don't read it if you haven't seen the movie yet!



The Unnecessary Exposition

The beginning was something that no movie-goer was dying to see. It seemed that Sony was trying to complete a deeper backstory to Peter that heavily involved his parents. Although I'm sure it was intended to make the movie somewhat more suspenseful as well as attempt to sum up what happened way-back-when in the Amazing Spider-Man that had to do with his parents disappearing, it ended up adding up to the already unnecessarily large ball that was the run time of this movie. These plane scenes that looked strangely familiar, *cough [The Dark Knight Rises](movie:39011) cough* seriously served no purpose in the movie. The people who watched the reboot know that his parents died. Leave it at that.

Don't even get me started on the secret Roosevelt station that also appeared in this movie. Also, were there even portable computers more than 10 years ago? Better yet, did private jets even carry wi-fi hotspots back then?

The Infamous Electro

Electro screams a laughable character from another movie: Riddler in "Batman Forever". A huge superhero fan-turned-super villain. His character had changed completely after getting electrocuted by some lovely eels, which is a huge no-no for critics. As Max Dillon, he was a huge spidey fan and was constantly undermined from his superiors at work. After the Times Square event, he was practically an entirely new person. It would have been nice if Sony closely followed what they had so beautifully perfected in Spider-man 2 with Otto Octavius where he became a villain through deception and a good purpose for his acts "for the good of mankind" thanks to his persuasive mechanical arms, as well as managing to maintain his character after becoming a villain. Electro had none of those properties, especially lack of motivation and had no really good reason for trying to kill spider-man. Also, does becoming Electro fix your tooth gap?

The Emo Harry Osborn

Honestly this guy mind-boggled me more than Max Dillon did. Peter sees Harry twice. I repeat twice, with two short scenes at Oscorp and then later walking around the shore throwing rocks, and then Peter tells Gwen that he's his best friend right after that. Hahaha what? I mean I'm well aware they were childhood friends, but that still doesn't justify that statement. So when Harry doesn't get the desired DNA from Peter that could possibly be a life-saver for him, there isn't much chemistry at all to show Harry's sudden weird and extreme hatred towards Peter. Not enough to put Gwen in danger, that is. Also, I never knew life support systems came with full armor, a bunch of weapons, and a lovely glider ( you may criticize me on this one).

The Relationship

Let's be honest here. Peter and Gwen's relationship practically ran The Amazing Spider-man and made a lot of people like it. Their chemistry was amazing (PUN!) back in the reboot, and is what the director, Marc Webb, specializes in. So why in the name of all that is lovely in this world would you not show that same chemistry again in the second installment? Peter suffers from the ghost of Gwen's dad, which basically reminds him to dump her in order to protect her. Then he just stalks her for an amount of time, and then promises to move to Oxford with her near the end of the movie, which just screams karma all over the place. The problem is that their heavily-praised relationship back from the reboot is almost nowhere to be seen, which makes the viewers, especially the critics, feel little to no empathy when Gwen dies. And look. If you're going to make a spider-man movie and you just so happen to desire to kill Peter's lover by the end of the movie, you better show off their relationship pretty darn well through and through.

Way WAY Too Many Teasers

Look I'm sure when spidey fans, including myself, saw [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) bays that included Doctor Octopus and lesser-known characters such as vulture, we absolutely fangasmed, if that's even a word. But really, after watching it again and again they really did not have to tease this to us. I say this because Electro was supposed to be the main supervillain, but instead looked like something thrown into the script after having more screen time sitting locked up in Ravencroft, and Harry Osborn only becoming the green goblin by the very end of the movie. Add that lovely bunch to a bunch of teasers for movies to come, which in case you didn't know include a Sinister Six and Venom standalone movie, and bam. You have another Spider-man 3. A blown up movie where there were too many characters, and not enough screen time for any character to really make an impression, and it makes it look like Sony cares more about future movies than the one at hand. Especially when you throw in Rhino by the end. The worst part is that this will probably backfire on Sony because although they are producing more villains, they are also connecting everything back to Oscorp and Harry Osborn, making spider-man's actually quite large universe look extremely small. They could have simply not done that and instead spent more time on Peter and Gwen's loving relationship which probably would have made the movie loads better.

The Music

Hans Zimmer is a genius when it comes to music. In The Dark Knight Rises, his music definitely gets people pumped for action sequences and really mixes well with emotional scenes, even if his music can tend to sound extremely similar. In Amazing Spider-man 2 it sounded like a huge experiment and less of a masterpiece. It was basically all over the place and didn't keep a real theme to it. The music seriously failed to mix with each scene that was involved in ASM2. What I figured they would get right this time around was that the music really needs to flow with whatever scene it has been designated to. Instead, you get some creepy demon music playing when Electro in Times Square.

Fading Comic Ties

The first thing I really need to bring up is the whole reason they did this entire reboot, and that was because the original trilogy was straying too far away from the original comics. Amazing spider-man 2 is going dead on for the exact same problem because they really couldn't decide a lot of things. Things they definitely got right was Electro. Originally, he had a yellow and green suit. I think pure energy is much cooler, but that relies on a different universe, which is the Ultimate version of Electro. Rhino follows the same pattern, in which he was actually supposed to have a cement-like suit. Rhino really didn't have much screen-time, and I felt that unless he had ties with Bucky from Captain America, there was no point in him mumbling in a some-what Russian accent. Let's not forget spidey's new suit. It's absolute perfection, especially going back to the comics. Where things get really bad is the Green Goblin. If we threw a spidey comic fan into writing that movie, he would have definitely said NO as Harry being the primary Green Goblin, especially if Gwen was designated to die because of him. Originally, Green Goblin wears a creepy goblin mask with clothes that are green and purple. No visible and bulky armor, or spandex. He also has a huge array of weaponry. And he's crazy. Basically think Joker times 2. That's what they really should have done in my opinion, because it would have made Gwen's death far more emotional and make even us, the viewers, want revenge. And then there's Gwen's death. Boy was that bad. It was all a bad setting, and made it look like the the director was toying with her death. If you're going to make a slow motion attempt to save Gwen falling, you better have a lot of events to add up to her death to make us respect it, like I said before, as well as not make her death apparent before it even happens. Repeating the original comics would have made the event far more desirable as it is on the top of the infamous New York bridge pillar, making the scenery collide better with the death, as well as having multiple bystanders feel empathy as Peter realizes she is gone. The fight between him and Green Goblin also could have been more entertaining high up above the ground.

Ultimately the worst part about both The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2

To me, this is the one thing Sony failed to achieve most of all. It is the one thing that makes people love spider-man in the comics so much, and why he is more different than any other super hero. It's the reason I love him so much. It's because in the comics, Peter relates perfectly to a lot of people in one way or another. He's not a rich jerk who came from big money. No, he's a nerd who has a passion for science, who is treated like a loser, gets rejected all the time, who has dead parents, a dead Uncle who acted like a father to Peter, and has a constant money problem because his Aunt May struggles with paying the bills, and yet manages to be the nicest person in the world. And when he was given his powers, he learned that with great power, must come great responsibility. That's why so many people wish they could be spider-man more than any other superhero, because they seem so close to his character. But Sony screwed up. Back in Amazing Spider-man, they didn't show his true geek side, how he always got beat up by bullies, how he was always rejected and faced huge money problems. No, they made him a jock-type of nerd, who rolled around on a skateboard, and was actually willing to take risks when he tried to find more information in Oscorp. The real Peter Parker from the comics just happened to be bitten on a school trip and was given the amazing powers of a spider. It was complete chance that it happened to be him. The reboot didn't show that so well. Now in Amazing Spider-man 2 they made it even worse by showing that his powers were not a complete accident after explaining how only he could really become spider-man since all of the spiders Oscorp experimented on back in the reboot were all secretly encoded to his father's DNA. Of course, it explains how Harry became the green goblin since the cure wasn't compatible to his DNA, making him transform, but it makes it look like Sony didn't even care about what that meant to the people who shared a passion with spider-man. What I mean by that is showing that spider-man was basically destined to become what he is, instead of making anyone possible to receive the amazing powers of a spider. Basically that made him look like every other superhero, which isn't who spider-man is.

Well thanks guys! This is my first ever post on this awesome blog, and I would love to hear your opinions in the comments down below!


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