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While I may not be thrilled with the looks of the Disney version of Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6 (don't even get me started about it, I can go on for hours!), I still love the character and I cannot wait to see what they do with her Power Purse!

This is one of those objects that I challenge anyone to see and not immediately say "I have got to get me one of those!". For anyone not aware, Honey Lemon has a purse which appears normal, but which actually acts as inter-dimensional storage. Essentially, she can keep absolutely anything in there and pull it out when needed - think Hermione's expanding charm for her bag in Harry Potter, and you're on the right track. Or, for that matter, Mary Poppins and her carpet bag (I swear, she is either a witch or a timelord..).

This is basically the dream. Being able to carry around whatever you want, without being weighed down or constantly asked if you are on the way to the airport. I've always made my peace with something (to borrow from Janis Joplin) "big enough for a book and a bottle", but oh, if I had this!

Obviously, we don't exactly have mini-artificial-wormhole technology (or magic) quite yet, so I can't bring you actual never ending handbags. What I can bring you are a few of my favorite bags that may just deserve the title of Power Purse, at least in my opinion!

1. The Blaster Bag (Jungle Tribe)

I have been drooling over this bag for about a year now, and there is no doubt in my mind that Honey Lemon would be all over it too! If you want to be running around pulling weapons out of your purse, I'm sorry, but you don't want some standard bag on a flimsy little strap that is flopping around and can easily snag on stuff. (If you have ever had to run with a standard handbag, you know just how annoying that is!

This bag, on the other hand, can be worn in the normal purse-y way, but can also be strapped under the arm, or (my personal favorite) worn with a thigh strap. SO much easier when running, jumping across rooftops, hand to hand fighting - it's perfect! Of course, for those of us who do not routinely battle evil, it just looks incredible. Ugly purses are kind of evil, right?

2. Diffus Solar Purse

The solar-powered bag idea is nothing new. I first saw a solar-paneled backpack several years ago, and the concept is simple. Put a solar panel on your bag, connect it to a charger inside, and BAM! Charge your electronics on the go! Which is awesome, but the majority of the options are bulky, black and boring; messenger bags and backpacks which are all function, no form.

The Diffus bag is impressive because it actually looks good! Rather than a panel, the designers used "solar sequins" so that they weren't limited to one large flat panel. This is actually something I could see Honey Lemon in, where I'm not really imagining her running around with a backpack on (at least, not since she was in middle school!).

Now THAT is a sexy secret agent-style purse! It's also got to be the most literal concept of "Power Purse" that I have ever seen. The only issues are that a) on a cloudy day, it's just a pretty bag, and b) it's more of a concept than a actual product on the market. It definitely exists, but you can't just order it from Amazon. Sigh.

3. Prototype Light-Up Handbag by Rosanna Kilfedder

This only gets a brief mention for concept, as again, this is not available on the market. Similar to the Diffus bag above, this bag has a solar panel and the ability to charge your gadgets, but the panel also charges an illuminating lining in the bag, so when the zip is open, the bag actually lights up! Refrigerator tech in a handbag...awesome! This may seem like nothing, but to anyone who has been found elbow-deep in their purse muttering "I know it's in here somewhere" - this is a lifeline. I wonder if Honey Lemon has something similar - when you are storing that many objects in an inter-dimensional purse, surely you need something to help you find the thing you want!

4. Jump From Paper

Nope, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, that's actually a photo of a model with a Jump From Paper bag! (Nothing prototypical here, by the way, all 100% on the market!) They may not charge your phone or be particularly practical for running, but they just look incredible, and if you want to imitate a comic book character, 2D is a way to go!

Jump From Paper also has the bag that looks like most like the actual bag we will see in the Disney movie, except, y'know, something that I would actually wear.

Why is there a bear on your bag??
Why is there a bear on your bag??

I may love the concept of the purse, but the actual one in the promo is just hideous, and I couldn't wrap up this article without saying something about it. Honey Lemon, known for being incredibly sexy as well as incredibly smart is wearing something that looks fit for a five year old! While the original purse was nothing special (from what I remember, in the comic books she has a simple shoulder bag in either black or blue), at least it made some sense for the character.

This has a bear on it. And not just on it, it looks like one of those tacky purses with a toy head actually sticking out of it. Then there is the lovely heart on the side (classy) and that bizarre strap made reminiscent of the cheap make-your-own-jewelry sets I played with when I was very young. She is holding one of the beads, so maybe they are some kind of weapon, but seriously?

This is how I imagine Honey Lemon made that purse.
This is how I imagine Honey Lemon made that purse.

I am aware that they are attempting to make her lighter to appeal to a younger audience, and I hope that Disney will cater to the little girls who love superhero movies by bringing out a line of bags like this.

However, for those of us who aren't that little any more, I hope that some of my other finds will satisfy the desire for a purse befitting a kick-ass crime fighter!

Which is your favorite? Do you have any other favorite power purses? Comment below!!


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