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As you can tell by the title, this article is centered around the Bat-kicks (I'm gonna trademark that...). I picked 7.5 do to Bats 75th Anniversary. Now the biggest question you all must have by now is, how in the monkey piss is there a half? Well, I'll tell ya... right after this commercial break!

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Welcome back to the article! Have fun during the commercial break? Let's start this article with our 7.5 sidekick, shall we?

#7.5: Carrie Kelly

Carrie Kelly wins the 7.5 spot on this list because stuff. But seriously, I have Carrie in the .5 spot because of her comic run(s). Unlike the rest of this list, Carrie has had, if I'm correct, the shortest comic run, that's including both runs (The Dark Knight Returns & New 52). Carrie Kelly has always been a favorite of mine. She came on strong & hard back in 1986 & after over 20 years, made her comeback to take back the mantle of Robin. To me, Carrie is a fascinating character. Like Kate Kane (Batwoman), Carrie started showing massive interest in The Bat after being saved by Bats. The only real difference is Carrie went towards Robin instead of a new Bat.

#7: Damian Wayne

Junior Bats, junior assassin, junior lifespan. What? Too soon? Damian Wayne is a very interesting character in himself but to a lot of DC fans, Damian wasn't up to par with their expectations. From what I have seen, a lot of people wanted more from Damian than he was given. I think Damian gave exactly what he was intended to give; a more permanent responsibility as Bruce's son. When Damian died, I would assume a big chunk of people were confused as to why DC was killing off Damian so soon after his arrival. Damian's death felt like Jason's death all over again. The current Robin gets cocky then gets killed. And Bruce is left there to hold the body of his recent comrade. The only difference between Damian & Jason, Bruce cried harder at Damian's death.

#6: Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain. Ah, the black-haired, ass-kicker herself. Cassandra is practically Damian Wayne with a vagina. Cassandra is a total badass. Daughter of 2 great assassins, David Cain & Lady Shiva. Raised as a mute, Cassandra became 1 of the world's greatest assassins. In continuity, Cassandra is the 4th Batgirl. Cassandra, like Carrie Kelly, hasn't got a lot of mainstream love from DC. Cassandra, after dismantling from Robin, moved to Hong Kong & adopted the moniker, Black Bat. We haven't seen a lot of Ms. Cain since she left Batman Bat-kickless (trademark pending). Hopefully we'll see more of her in the future.

#5: Stephanie Brown

Like Wrestling Legend, Mick Foley, there are many faces of Stephanie Brown. Steph started her comic life as The Spoiler, daughter of Cluemaster. Then, took up the moniker of Robin. Then dropped Robin like a little bitch & turned to the moniker of Batgirl. Then, ends back up as Spoiler. It's like Steph can't stay with something long enough to make an impact that matters. I like Stephanie Brown as a character but I'll be honest, I haven't read a lot of her stuff. My opinion is very limited. Sorry.

#4: Tim Drake-Wayne

Tim Drake... I don't think I need to say a whole lot about the only man to find out Bruce Wayne's secret before being told. Tim Drake, the only DC character without X-Ray vision to figure out who is under the cowl. When Bruce Wayne "died", Tim, mainly to the fans, was in the running to take up the cowl. But the rightful man took the cowl instead. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say this, Tim is awesome. Enough said.

#3: Jason Todd

The 2nd Robin & 2nd Red Hood. Jason's origin was similar to Dick Grayson's. From a circus family, orphaned after parents death in circus act, becomes Robin. But Jason is so much more than that! Jason was the death in the family. Pun intended. Jason, as most know, was murdered by Joker with crowbar... & a bomb. Before Tim Drake came into the picture, Jason was resurrected by the only man that could revive Jason, Ra's al Ghul. If you pronounced Ra's like how Nolan & Arrow say it, you are ssssoooo wrong! But back to Jason. Jason came back to Gotham after his rebirth to hopefully see Joker's tombstone but seen Joker still cracking pretty hilarious jokes. Jason took the moniker Red Hood from his killer, Joker. Now he runs around with an alien & an archer.

#2: Barbara Gordon

Barb is Bats 1st female sidekick. Barbara became Batgirl to help Bruce with shit he couldn't understand. Like how a woman works. When it comes to technology, Barbara is your go to gal. Super intelligent & super hot. Became Batgirl, got shot, became Oracle, magically healed herself & took back the moniker of Batgirl.

#1: Dick Grayson

Oh, sorry, it's Agent Dick Grayson now. Was this any surprise to anyone? Not just the 1st DC sidekick but comics 1st sidekick! Dick is the 3rd man to take the mantle from Bruce. 1st man to take the mantle, Azreal back in the '90s. 2nd, Thomas Wayne during the Flashpoint story arc. Dick went from Robin, the Boy Wonder to Nightwing, protector of Bludhaven, to The Dark Knight, Batman, back to Nightwing, all the way to Nightwing's "death". Dick has been in relationships with a human, a witch, an alien &, if I'm correct, a demigod. He has been with so much poontang, I've become jealous... OF A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! Dick is probably my favorite comic character. Right after Harley Quinn.

Well, that's the article. Let me know down in the comments what you think! I'm pretty sure everybody has a different view than I have.


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