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Well ladies & gentlemen here we are once again embarking on an adventure of EPIC excitement. Guardians of the Galaxy will be hitting the screens Aug 1st 2014. So what can we expect from this movie, easter eggs as they are so cleverly called now days. Maybe even give us some flat out surprises, I hope so. This film, Im guessing will reveal some huge surprises.

I remember hearing rumors of a possible solo avenger cameo and hints at NOVA. I hope so, but what about ronin the accuser? Someone brought to my attention that the possibility of ronin being killed and taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. was also possible. Which got me thinking, did we already see ronin dead in a S.H.I.E.L.D. cryo pod of some kind...

If you think about it, the mystery of who this body belongs to. It is a HUGE question that hasn't been answered. Well we can say this much, ronin is a kree and this wouldn't be the first time a kree soldier has affected the life of a human. i.e. ms. marvel, I also thought about if not ronin then could this be the body of Yondu Rooker minus the mo-hawk?

Im literally jumping at possibilities, but these are my best two guesses. So could this movie and agents of shield be setting us up for a introduction of a new alien race the kree and would captain marvel or ms. marvel be piloting that intro into Marvel studios or TV? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

I'm looking forward to seeing this puzzle get put together piece by piece. I love decrypting and decoding things like this 40% of problem given 25% of a solution tested out and 15% of trial and error and 10% of speculation/theory on the possible outcome and 10% unknown/surprises of results until revealed.

I will be sure to grasp all I can from guardians of the galaxy, maybe ill get it wrong and they will show something completely different on screen and throw us all for a loop.

Give me your feedback on what you think GOTG has in store for ronin the accuser and what direction the film might take us? Also what are your thoughts on the kree body shown on Agents of Shield?


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