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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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Death in comics is a strange thing. Characters die often and it rarely ever sticks. Someone gets resurrected or they weren’t really dead at all. It’s made death mean very little in comics. Then comes something like Life With Archie #36 and death once again means something. The way it does, for example, with Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy.

As announced months ago, Archie Andrews meets his final fate in the pages of Life With Archie #36. It was even revealed HOW he would meet his fate. Life With Archie #36 begins with a lengthy overview of what’s happened in the series so far. It’s a nice touch for those who haven’t been keeping up but only the information after the debut of Kevin Kellar is vital to following this story. Instead of two stories, this issue is just one. Archie is going on a jog throughout Riverdale thinking about the past and his future. The clever part here is that it’s a look at the past and future that encompasses both stories. He sees both Betty and Veronica in the past and the futures he sees never show which woman is in it. He really is the focus of this story, not everyone else. All of this is foreshadowing to the last few pages where the action takes place. The person killing gay people in Riverdale decides to make his presence known at the fundraiser and tries to kill Kevin. Archie **spoiler** as it was revealed by every news outlet Monday, jumps in front of the bullet and tragically dies.


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