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Kevin Feige has a lot to say about the new director choice for Ant-Man, even revealing that the newly announced director Peyton Reed was originally considered as the director for [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), as well as hinting at why Edgar Wright was fired.

Peyton [Reed] is someone that I’ve been a fan of for a long time. People may not remember, though probably your readers remember, that he was attached to Fantastic Four more than 10 years ago. We spent a lot of time together… and I got along with Peyton very, very well and he had awesome ideas and an awesome vision for the movie, and for various reasons he ended up leaving that movie [...] He’s come in to meet on a lot of our movies over the years, in particular Guardians of the Galaxy. He had a lot of awesome things to say on Guardians. But James [Gunn] had a slightly more solid take that was of interest to us.
But Peyton was always on our lists, and so when this happened and Edgar [Wright] said ‘Not for me’ we met with a handful of people, but Peyton was always one that I thought would be great [...] It was not a slam-dunk that he would just step into it and do it. He wanted to be sure that he was wasn’t just inheriting something or following someone else’s lead. Or wasn’t inheriting something that the evil studio had watered down to be something bad. I kept saying, ‘You can either read what’s online, or come in and talk to us and look at all this stuff.’ He looked at everything, he talked with us, and he said ‘Number one, I agree with the direction you’re going in. And number two, I can add to it.’ And he has – the movie is in as good a shape as it’s ever been right now.
It’s still very much in the spirit of what Edgar’s original pitch was and the entire template of the movie is what Edgar set out and originally came and pitched us maybe eight years ago now. But it's on its way to being the absolute best version of what that movie could have been. Peyton is really, really wonderful, and will be proving that soon enough. As I said to the Comic-Con audience a few years ago, ‘You might not have heard of Joe and Antony Russo, [who directed this year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier] but you’re going to be big fans of them soon.’ And I’d say the same thing about Peyton Reed now.

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Some of the phrasing from Feige suggests that Edgar Wright originally pitched an idea for [Ant-Man](movie:9048) that Marvel was satisfied with, however that over the eight years that idea changed into something Marvel didn't agree with, and wanted to stick to something more along the lines of the original pitch. Perhaps I'm taking things out of context, or assuming too much, but with Edgar Wright leaving the directing position over "creative differences", this seems to be the clearest indication of what all went down yet to grace the internet.



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