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Okay, so If you go to my profile you can find that I have 2 previous posts one about Harry pPotter and one about Disney princesses. I have grown up loving both topics and I had recently taken a quiz online that told me that I should be in the Harry Potterverse house of Slytherin. I actually quite love Snape so at least I get to be in the house he leads. Anyways...I was walking into my sister's room where she was playing with my baby cousin who was wearing a Cinderella night gown, giving me the quick inspiration for this list.

These are all personal opinions, but I am definitely interested in hearing your own opinions and thoughts on mine and the subject!

1. Snow White:

Hufflepuff, no argument.

2. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty:

Honestly had some trouble with this one. She seems kind enough so I guess Hufflepuff.

3. Ariel, The Little Mermaid:

I suppose it was pretty brave of her to give up everything and even seek out an evil witch to get what she wants (even if it was just a stupid boy), so Gryffindor seems fitting.

4. Aladdin and Jasmin, Aladdin:

Since both Aladdin and Jasmine play big parts in the movie I decided to sort both of them.

Aladdin: Slytherin. At first I considered Gryffindor because it was pretty brave of him to go into that cave. He wasn't a bad person but he definitely had a lot of Slytherin traits. He is cunning, sly, tricks the Genie for his own gain, and is always lying. Not to mention being a common criminal. He even lies to Jasmine to get her to consider him as a suitor. I consider him to be like Harry, not a bad person like Malfoy but a very clever and resourceful person who can slide out of otherwise sticky situations. Let's be honest guys, Harry has also done more than his fair share in trickery and fibs.

Jasmine: I wasn't really sure about her. She is not nice enough, smart enough, or cunning enough to be in any house but Gryffindor. She really isn't very interesting or compelling at all... Though, she is loyal and kind to Aladdin even after finding out about him being a "street rat" and she was brave enough to ignore her father and escape the palace.

5. Pocahontas:

She is brave and loyal, but she is also smart and able to act rationally (except for that last scene). She is also very kind and lovable. She could be Sprout's best student in Herbology. So I think Hufflepuff but if she asked to be sorted into Gryffindor just as Harry and Hermione had, that would also be a fantastic fit for this well rounded but complex character.

6. Cinderella:

I'm leaning on the side of Hufflepuff again. She is kind, soft, mild mannered and obedient all while having strong dreams, goals, and opinions of herself and world around her. As for the rest of her clan? The evil stepmother is basically Malfoy with the twisted stepsisters being the slimy sidekicks Crabbe and Goyle.

7. Rapunzel, Tangled:

She was definitely brave. Her courage stretched her character and surrounding environment to grow and dream broadly, she was clever, quick footed, and confident in her actions. She truly, above any other Disney starlet, belongs in the house of Gryffindor.

Flynn Rider: Sorry to say it but that dude totally belongs in Slytherin.

8. Belle and Beast/Adam, Beauty and the Beast:

Without a doubt Ravenclaw, hands down.

Beast/Adam: Pre-beast: probably Slytherin he was super egotistical, rude, and apparently was deserving of being turned into an atrocious beast meant to lose himself in loneliness. Post-beast: Hufflepuff. He does a complete 180. It seems as if the curse really did do what it was meant to and taught him a tough lesson. He is kind, thoughtful and considerate. He becomes softer and a much nicer person.

9. Tiana, The Princess and the Frog:

Again, it would have to be Hufflepuff. She is hard working and smart as heck while being compassionate and caring in very deep ways.

The Prince/Frog: Probably Slytherin actually. Think about how awfully annoying and bigheaded he was at the beginning. Always sweet talking his way around for his own gain, being a manipulative little sleaze through and through.

10. Merida, Brave:

Um hello, name of the movie and all...Gyrffindor!

11. Mulan:

Besides being my favorite, Mulan has also saved an entire theoretical ancient China by leaving her family behind for the greater good and braving the new identity of a male, knowing the consequences to both of those things would not be very kind to her, yet she trudged on with strength. I mean, you don't get more Gryffindor than that.

12. Anna and Elsa, Frozen:

I know that only one of them is actually a princess but I couldn't resist. Plus Aladdin and Beast are clearly not princesses either, so get over it. Aactually Mulan, Tiana and Pocahontas aren't princesses either...But, I digress.

Sven, Olaf, and Kristof: Hufflepuff! Smart, nice, and all around good people.

Anna: Gryffindor. She was brave even in her insecurities.

Elsa: Ravenclaw. She is very analytical, realistic, and pragmatic.

Hans: Slytherin. Lying, manipulative, scheming, and only had interests in himself.

Hope you enjoyed this little mash up! Please check out my other articles if you liked this one!


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