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Griffin Rushton

I noticed the other day while streaming through Netflix, that there was a genre for practically everything on the main page. Horror, Comedy, Action, Romance, and then I started to think and developed this hypothesis: "Are there enough superhero movies to completely redefine them as superhero movies instead of supernatural/action/fantasy movies?"


Should Superhero movies be considered their own genre instead of being lumped into action/fantasy films?

The second part of this article is dedicated to an idea that I've thought about for a while. I've noticed that watching superhero programs on television is becoming more and more difficult, so to speak. There is really no set channel that plays a certain company. The Hub plays the Batman and Superman animated series, Cartoon Network plays some new DC material, Disney XD plays Marvel animated, and then FOX, NBC, ABC, and The CW will all have their respected shows too not to mention AMC, TNT, and FX playing movies.

Basically, I think that it's time and that the fanbase is large enough for a new television network dedicated to superheroes to be launched. I think it would be much more enjoyable and easier to keep updated on new shows while also having the option to re-watch older shows on the same one channel. This channel would play animated shows, live shows, Marvel Shows, DC Shows, FOX Films, SONY Films, WB Films, etc. I understand that there are some legalities regarding which networks can use what, but I think if there is a will, there can and will be a way.


Do you think a unified superhero network would be successful and garner a lot of viewers?


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