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Mad,Bad and dangerous to know!
Vic Moxie Croughan

That title is a bit misleading. If you've read many Thor comics you'd know that this won't be the first time a female will be swinging Thor's hammer Mjolnir. So the news will come as no surprise to you.
I however come from the world of film, not comics, so I wasn't aware that anyone other than Thor had ever wielded the weapon.

I am fully behind a female Thor, although I'm hoping she has a better outifit than most female heroes portrayed in comics.
Technically Thor won't be gander swapping, in the story he becomes unworthy of Mjolnir and a new female character takes up the mantle. What's wrong with that? I'll tell ya'....NOTHING!

Unsurprisingly voices from the dark,misogynist corners of the comic book world had plenty to say. These sad, lonely men who have nothing better to do with their time than to run down women seem to have forgotten that this won't be the first time a woman has swung the hammer.
To my knowledge, and like I said I don't really read comics so since this announcement I've had to do some comic book learnin', Thor has been female twice.
Jane Foster took up the role as did Tarene. But since when did that stop idiots posting on comment sections? Go to any article covering this story and read the comment section, if you dare....

So what this boils down to is good old fashioned sexism and misogyny which we could all do without. So, those of you with nothing better to do than make crude sexual jokes and lame attempts to put women down via the various comments sections over the internet, go back to your sad, lonely worlds..or you know, grow up and join the real world.


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