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Thought we'd already reached peak capacity for 80's reboots with Jem and the Holograms, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, any number of Jump Streets, and even The Goonies set to return?

Think again.

Rainbow Brite, the beloved, Hallmark-created, Rainbow Land-dwelling cartoon character, is set to return - in all her brightly-colored, gently-educational glory.

The news was leaked by actress Emily Osment (of Hannah Montana fame), via her Instagram:

Which is great news for all fans of the adorable, color-coordinated moppet - but also a big reminder of just how long ago Rainbow Brite was on the air. It debuted way back in 1984 - thirty years ago, and ran (intermittently) through to 1986.

And 1984 was a really, really long time ago.

For instance:

Henry Winkler Was Still Playing the Fonz

Happy Days was only just about to be cancelled, with the moment where it jumped the shark still a recent memory...

And so a thousand memes were born...

Woody Harrelson Hadn't Even Appeared on Cheers Yet

True Detective's Woody Harrelson? Yeah, he didn't even appear on Cheers until the middle of Rainbow Brite's run. And when he did, he looked like this:



Jeopardy Returned...And Alex Trebek Made his Debut.

Yep, at one point Jeopardy hadn't been around forever, Trebek was actually new to the role, and looked like this:

Just look at the hair!

Hulk Hogan Won the WWF Championship for the First Time

Beating the Iron Sheik, way back on January 23.

And, of course, looking like this:

Along with Andre the freakin' Giant!

The MTV Video Music Awards Aired for the First Time

And guess who played her new song, 'Like a Virgin'...

Dan Ackroyd and Bette Midler hosted. Yup. Those were the days...

Some of the Most Iconic Albums Ever Were Released

Including Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA, Prince's Purple Rain, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers' debut album....

Back when the Boss was still the old Boss, as opposed to that new Boss The Who were always singing about...

...And Some of the Greatest Movies, Too.

Including peak Bill Murray in Ghostbusters - also featuring a certain unforgettable (and now largely forgotten celebrity-filled) theme song...

Oh, the 80's. You were great...

Plus, Eddie Murphy Was Still Relevant

And legitimately awesome, too. I mean, Beverly Hills Cop?

A banana? In a tailpipe?


...And They Were Still Making Original Movies

Back in the days when The Karate Kid was very much played by Ralph Macchio, as opposed to a miniature Will Smith:

And now, fifteen thousand sequels later, here we are...

Because, more than anything else? Back in 1984...

...Most of Us Hadn't Even Been Born Yet

Except for a certain Scarlett Johansson, who was born November 22 that year.

After Rainbow Brite debuted.

Yep, Rainbow Brite is actually older than Black Widow.

Though, in fairness, the new series is unlikely to involve as much ass-kicking...


What do you guys think? Happy the 80's are still coming back?



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