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Here's an interesting development from the set of The Walking Dead Season 5. Despite cast and crew leaving Terminus and spending the past few weeks filming scenes in and around the Atlanta area, it seems the gang is now back at Terminus and some serious stuff is going down.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, these guys were all on set:

Andrew/Rick, Melissa/Carol, Norman/Daryl, Steven/Glenn, Lauren/Maggie and Nicotero all at terminus. Andrew/Rick, Michael/Abraham, Sonequa/Sasha and Chad/Tyrese were all there yesterday.

As well as a bunch of walkers and a couple of burnt-out wrecks:

So what brought them all back there? By my estimates, they should be shooting Episode 6/7 around about now, which would put this visit to Terminus right in the sights of the mid-season finale. Could we be seeing Rick and the group launch one final assault on the compound to put down the Termite threat once and for all?

Or perhaps it was a rescue mission. We've since seen an image of what looks like Beth on set, so perhaps the group found out she was being held at Terminus and decided to go in all guns blazing and set her free.

Either way, it's going to make for one hell of an episode.


Why are they back at Terminus?


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