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Colm S. Herron

Bit of a nostalgia piece here folks. I think those of you who've seen the movie Scanners will remember the penultimate scene where Louis Del Grande's head explodes after a mental battle with Michael Ironside's character.

The story of how they achieved this shot is pretty crazy and as usual, you wouldn't be able to do that now. But still, it works so well for the film and reminds us that sometimes practical effects are still the best. The shot still looks awesome to me.

Check out how it was done in this featurette below:

If you haven't seen the movie, just check out this trailer for Scanners below:

Scanners follows the story of a man with supernatural powers, who, after discovering that more people on earth have a similar power, hunts them in order to kill them.

This was just re-released last week as part of the Criterion Collection on DVD and Bluray. It's well worth having in the collection.

Do still think the shot stands up to modern audiences?


Does The Effect Still Work?

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