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Can a film simultaneously be the worst and the best movie in the world? The answer to that is 'yes' and that movie is Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

If you've seen The Room, you know exactly what I mean. The movie fails fundamentally on every single criteria by which movies are judged. It has terrible acting, bad writing, crappy production, frequent continuity errors and to top it all off it has an awful, convoluted story that makes absolutely no sense. However, its terribleness has reached such enormous heights that the movie actually becomes a delight to watch - precisely because it is so hilariously bad.

Well, the director, writer and star of that film, the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, plans to return with a new television project, Tommy Wiseau's The Neighbors. The show has been in 'development' for some time and we've already seen a strange 90 second trailer which certainly suggests Wiseau hasn't been taking part in any film-making courses since he finished The Room in 2003. Recently, he released a new clip and added a synopsis to the newly launched website. Both of them do not disappoint. You can check out the original trailer, new clip and the synopsis below:

From the looks of the new poster and its quote of "Oh, Hi America" - which fans of The Room will no doubt recognize - it seems like Wiseau might now be in on the joke. Although, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure if that's going to have a major impact on things.

Regardless, you just know The Neighbors is going to be one of the weirdest things ever created by mankind. We have no information on which network - if any - The Neighbors will appear on, but we do know it's coming in September. Anyway, if you haven't experienced The Room, or if you just want to relive the hilarity, here is one of its most iconic scenes:


The Room? Brilliant, or just plain bad?

Source: IndieWire


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