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Everyone has a Vampire Diaries fave that makes the show for them. For some of us it's Damon the overconfident badboy, others can't get enough of Stefan's brooding romantic nature - but for me, the winner is Bonnie.

Thankfully for all of us fans of the uber-powerful witch and former anchor to the Other Side, it looks like we might be seeing our Mystic Falls heroine sooner than we think!

Despite [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) only being on its first few days of filming for season six, Kat Graham is already back on set and rejoicing over her return with good friend Nina Dobrev.

Check out the Instagram pic of the reunited pair below;

Who knows how long it will be before Bonnie bewitches us once more, but let's hope she returns soon.

Bonnie hasn't had the best storylines in the past, but she has always been such an important member of the intricate fabric of Mystic Falls.

Every time Bonnie has died it's been in an act of self-sacrifice for the greater good of others, and her ability to sniff out difficult answers has been absolutely crucial through the trials and tribulations of the numerous threats that the Mystic Falls residents have faced over the years.

What are your theories about Bonnie's return and, more importantly, will she ever get her powers back?


Are you excited about the prospect of Bonnie's return?

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