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The Vampire Diaries might have been woefully overlooked in the Emmy award nominations, but that doesn't mean that Ian Somerhalder missed out!

The environmentally concious actor has also been a celebrity investigator on Showtime's Years Living Dangerously, and he is more than thrilled by the two Emmy nominations for a subject so close to his heart.

The docu-series which follows celebrities - including Ian - as they travel the world to meet people whose lives have been altered by climate change has been nominated for Outstanding Documentary Series and Outstanding Writing for Non-Fiction Programming.

Needless to say, the excitable Ian wasted no time in shouting from the rooftops about his achievements on Twitter;

He also posted a shot of him filming the show on Instagram with the following caption;

WE DID! YES!!! AKA YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY on Showtime was nominated for 2 EMMYS! YES! These stories needed to be told! More to come! I'm so GRATEFUL and PROUD to be part of this series-WOW. Thank you @thejram for snapping this moment of joy-what an amazing experience you, me and Kim Klingler had shooting this amazing show. Wow.

It is a disappointment that none of our favorite [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) stars received a nomination, but at least Ian is happy!


Do you think The Vampire Diaries deserved some Emmy nominations?

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