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Nina Dobrev is constantly rumored to be dating anyone and everyone that she meets, but it seems like the bubbly Vampire Diaries actress still has a sense of humor about the press coverage her love life receives!

The 25-year-old actress recently teased on her Instagram account that she had a met a cute new man in France. She reached out and told fans that;

I've found a French Lover in Paris. Blue eyes. Light soft fluffy hair. Loves to cuddle. He's totally my type

Along with a picture of her brand new lover, who just so happens to be a bit hairy... and a cat!

It's refreshing to see that the sunny Dobrev can still see the funny side of the often despicable way the media handles her single status.

She might be a crazy cat lady, but I love her even more for it!


What do you think of Nina's new French love?

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