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The latest episode of True Blood's final season, "Death is Not the End", further explored the origin of Eric Northman's popular vampire hangout Fangtasia - and its slow-on-the-uptake barmaid, Ginger, played by Tara Buck...

And speaking candidly in a recent interview about the show, Buck revealed details about her previously quite monotonous True Blood character:

She doesn't have a lot of life experience, but there is one thing she knows and cares about, and that is vampire cinema, vampire history, you know what I mean? That's one thing she's actually good at.

Dull as dishwater she may be, but as previous episodes of the HBO vampire drama have taught us, it's that Ginger is also actually pretty good at making deals. Sexy deals. And at one point in True Blood Season 6, Alexander Skarsgård's Eric did promise to have sex with Ginger. Of this matter, Buck commented:

I will say this — that promise has been the sole motivation, whether it was spoken or inferred or just hoped in Ginger's life, for many, many years. You could glamour her so she forgets, or has no cognitive thought, but it is her entire existence. She wants to be with Eric. That has not gone anywhere. And we will see a lot more of that this year.

Well, Eric's sick with Hep-V, and if the Ginger-Eric hookup is ever going to happen, Ginge better pull her finger out!

When asked about lesbian encounters, Tara also talked about the spin-off show she should do with Kristin Bauer's character, Pam. She said:

Well, can you imagine? I mean, Kristin is awesome. She is one my favorite people in life, and absolutely my favorite person on the show to work with and hang out with. It could have been fun! Remember when Ginger comforts Pam? And they have a sweet moment? I think what was so beautiful about it is that there was nothing sexual about it. That is the pinnacle of who Ginger is. As weird and eccentric and odd as she is, her core is very genuine, loyal, and kind.

Ginger riding Pam's shaking coffin is possibly my favorite ever True Blood scene! That woman will be loyal to her dying breath and if you ask me, Eric should turn her and take her as his lover... What do you guys think?


Will Eric and Ginger ever be a thing?

(Source: Vulture)


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