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As a massive Frozen fan I was so excited to hear that Elsa, Anna and Kristoff will soon appear in Once Upon a Time. While this is amazing news I was even MORE excited to hear ABC president Paul Lee talk about the possibility of a Frozen spin-off show!

“We don’t have immediate plans for a Frozen spin-off, but [executive producers, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] are so inventive, those two…”

Sounds like if the Frozen characters are popular in Once Upon a Time, something could be in the works....

So what could a Frozen spin-off include?

Prince Hans

Obviously Prince Hans would make a comeback. Perhaps he has minions that could do his bidding while he is in exile or maybe he would escape to cause havoc himself? Either would be great.

He could even team up with the Duke of Weselton to make an evil antagonist duo.

I could imagine a long, tough exile in the Southern Isles turning Hans into a man ready for revenge.


Kristoff and the trolls

Kristoff (and Sven) and the mysterious troll family would need to be involved.

The movie only scraped the surface on this one - what series of events led a young Kristoff to be raised by a family of trolls? What happened to his parents - could they have even been on the same ship as Elsa and Anna's parents?



Elsa and Anna

The relationship between the two sisters would make for a fantastic TV show storyline. I would love to see a show dedicated to them reconnecting and rebuilding their relationship.

After literally locking Anna out of her life for so long, would Elsa and Anna even get on? They are obviously very different, Anna is an optimist while Elsa is more anxious pessimistic. These differences could make for a great story arcs!


So there you have it, three things I think would be amazing to see in a Frozen spin-off!

Hopefully the makers of Once Upon a Time see how great the opportunity for a Frozen TV show would be...let's make this happen!

What would you like to see in a Frozen spin-off? Tell me in the comments below!


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