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Why do we need these sequels to movies. I'm not going to mention Avatar 2 because I have already ranted about that but that shouldn't be made either.

1. Snow White and The Huntsman

Why it shouldn't be remade: Snow White and The Huntsman was a good movie. Boring at times but all around it was alright. That doesn't justify a sequel. What is the movie going to be about anyway? We saw her becoming queen and looking at Chris Hemsworth as if to say "Okay, let's get together now." And it was a pretty good ending for a movie. Why do we this one? The answer is we don't. And a lot of people won't want it either, as the movie got a lot of criticism.

What I thought of the first movie: Like I said it was a good movie. The story line wasn't that original. A lot of fairy tales are being remade as teen drama movies now, for example Red Riding Hood. But they usually change the story a bit more, this one stuck to the fairy tale. It would have been more interesting if The Huntsman turned out to be the bad guy or The Prince died or something but no that didn't happen.

How It Done At Box Office: It done very well since it only got 6.1 stars on IMDB, making over 390 million dollars. It also received two Academy Awards nominations for Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design.

Criticism and Praise: I never really liked Kristen Stewart and she was a terrible actress in Twilight. But she was one of the actual good actors in this movie. Sam Clafflin was also a very good actor, along with Hemsworth. It was also Bob Hoskins last performance in a movie.

2. Pitch Perfect 2

Why it shouldn't be remade: I loved this movie. Loved it so much. But the next one is going to be basically the same movie just with Hailee Steinfeld as the new Anna Kendrick and singing different songs. It's ultimately the same movie, different dance moves.

What I thought of The First Movie: Awesome movie, good songs, good actors. All round a great movie.

How It Done At The Box Office: It done well for a Musical Comedy type movie making 113 million dollars, making it the second highest grossing Musical Comedy, behind School Of Rock. It also won Best Breakthrough Performance for Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy), Best Music in A Musical Feature Film and Top Soundtrack.

Criticism and Praise: I actually have no criticism for the first one. None at all. It really was a great movie.

3. Ted 2

Why It Shouldn't Be Remade: Why ruin the first one? It was funny, Mark Whalberg was hot, Mila Kunis was there to get the guys to watch it and Seth Mc Farlane (Voice of Ted) was hilarious. With comedies they always screw up the first one with a sequel, take Grown Ups 2 for example. Like I said for Pitch Perfect, what is the story line going to be? It's going to be the same movie with different puns and Amanda Seyfried.

What I thought of The First Movie: I don't really like comedies that much but Ted made me laugh so hard. Good story, good directing. 2 thumbs up from me.

How It Done At The Box Office: A great time at the box office for this one, making Universal Pictures over 549 million dollars richer. It was nominated for a lot of awards, winning a few including Top Box Office Film and Best Fight Scene for Spike Guy's Choice Awards.

Criticism and Praise: Criticism is that it took a long time to get into the movie but it made up for it with good jokes.

  The third one was bad enough
The third one was bad enough

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