ByHenry Yuan, writer at
Henry Yuan

The latest instalment of the epic Transformers franchise was poised to be one of the highest grossing movies of 2014. Too bad it was an utter atrocity. It is utterly disappointing to see Michael Bay bare his soul in a film like ‘Pain & Gain’ and then turn around and shove crap into the audience’s faces.

Where do I start? Well let’s start with the positives; Shia Labeouf was absent in this movie. That’s it. That is literally all I can think of. This film was simply Bay’s attempt to go bigger, louder and longer (a whole 165 minutes, utter torture), and unfortunately not any better.

The characters were shallow, the new lead, Mark Wahlberg, plays a loving dad/engineer/inventor, Cade Yeager Initially his character was quite interesting, having a chip on his shoulder and his over protective nature and loving relationship with his daughter, however this turned around really quickly, with excessive shots of Nicola Peltz’s ass, references to her minor status and jokes about the statutory rape laws, make Wahlberg’s character unbearable.

Don’t get me started with the transformers in this film. The only transformers that make a reappearance in the film are Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee. I don’t even know the names of the others, and frankly I don’t care about them at all, they were shallow and useless and added absolutely nothing to this movie besides mindless explosions.

Michael Bay is now the only person that can make explosions boring… I went into this film, giving it the benefit of the doubt, and I tried my hardest to enjoy it, but the messy storylines, plot holes and childish dialogue didn’t cut it for me. Leaving me to say that this is literally the extinction of the Transformers franchise.


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