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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Ah, L'amour! Love and sexy times make life worth living - unless you find yourself stuck in a horror movie...then sexy times will probably make death seem more appealing.

You sick horror fans loved the last lot of gross horror sex scenes - so here's some more...more foul horror movie sex to make you barf...

Contracted (2013)

Maggots are QUITE the passion killer - especially if they're merrily showering from the genitals of your new hook-up. Imagine, you thought you got lucky. You got maggots. Silver lining: free fishing bait.

It looks like: half a pound of maggots falling out of a lady garden.


Castle Freak (1995)

You think his FACE looks bad? Try the tattered horror that awaits in his underpants. This titular Freak is a bit of a voyeur, and after watching a guy get it on with a prostitute, the Freak attempts his own amours. Needless to say, he's not the last of the red hot lovers.

It looks like: a hideously deformed mutant monster getting what remains of his wang out.


True Detective (2014)

Not technically a horror movie, but I make an exception because EW. This guy. This guy getting sweaty and amorous was never going to be massively appealing, but when he's having awkward, babyish fumblings with his SISTER, things are just too, too gross.

It looks like: Rancid backwater incest at its sweatiest.


Dead Alive (1992)

In the carnival of hilariously disgusting gore in Dead Alive, the sex scene between two pus-covered, flesh-chewing, horny zombies still manages to stand out as a high point of WTF yuck.

It looks like: Zombie woman bites off her lover's lips, then her head falls off.


Human Centipede II (2011)

Not only the worst horrible sex thing but also the straight-up worst THING I have ever seen, demented psychopath Martin encircles his schlong in barbed wire and vigorously humps the rear end of the Human Centipede.

It looks like: the worst thing you've ever seen.



Which vile session of horror sex makes you heave?


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