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Gracing the cover of the July/August Entertainment Weekly are two of the most familiar faces from Marvel's highly successful cinematic universe franchise -- and their soon-to-be foe looming behind them. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans stand tall as Iron Man and Captain America in one of the first in-depth (and non-exclusive) peeks fans will get of the upcoming film. The cover hits on preview night of San Diego Comic-Con.

There's little known when it comes to what's going into this issue, but one can imagine that it will definitely leave room for Comic-Con exclusive announcements while still giving fans an idea of what to expect. According to the cover, we're being promised details on the plot, set photos, and a look at the new villains: Ultron (and for at least some of the film, according to previous plot leaks), Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. There's mention of Iron Man's "Master Plan," which more than likely has something to do with the new tower and the Avengers Academy.

Gear up for the coming week, fellow geeks, because this is just a taste of the goods we're going to get from Comic-con!


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