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A question i have to ask is, Is Dragon Ball Z overrated?


Is Dragon Ball Z overrated?

Probably the biggest problem is the fights, which mostly consist of them just standing there punching and kicking eachother in the same boring pattern again and again. The most interesting things in the fights are the attacks such as the kamahameha and the big bang attack. But there isn't a a lot of these attacks, and they still resemble eachother in color and and attack power.

Another thing is the power levels. It's just frustratingly idiotic that they have devices that can read out a persons level of power. I can accept that some of them can sense another beings power level, much like Naruto's ability to sense chakra. but a can not accept this.

Now we get to the villians. The villians personalities are similar to eachothers. Take Freeza and Cell, they both are arrigant and think that they are the most powerful beings out there. And the Villians (Except Freeza and Vegeta) are very boring.

The character designs aren't that bad for the main characters, but it gets pretty bad at times for backgroung characters/villians. The ginyu force is a great example of the absurd designs for some of the characters.

Though this show has problems it's made great by Goku. Goku is probably the single greatest anime character ever made. He's brave, loyal and his never give up attitude has inspired many people over the years. All of the heoes in Dragon Ball Z are likable, and unlike the villians their personalities aren't to similar.

Is Dragon Ball Z overrated? In my opinion it is, but it's still an enjoyable show, and i highly recommend it to fellow anime fans. Let me know what you think of Dragon Ball Z and this post. :)


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