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Reid Jones

Guardians of the Galaxy officially comes out in two weeks and two days. We are SO close to seeing not only one of the biggest summer blockbusters this year, but also the after-credits scene(s). My hype level is unreal, but these posters have a lot to say about each of the characters.

Let's start with Nova Prime. The professional, political pose and status of her clothes and hair say to us that she is definitely top of the food chain. The Nova Corpsmen behind her only reinforce the idea that she is the absolute dictator in the situation at hand.

Yondu is wearing a red leather jacket, of which many fans have pointed out, match Star-Lord's and even is seen with the Star-Lord symbol on it in the on-set images. Could Yondu have given Star-Lord his jacket, or did he steal it? Yondu is also the only character poster to have in his possession the Orb, the infinity stone that propels much of the storyline. Why does HE have it?

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters VERY soon on August 1st, 2014.


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