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It seems as if Daredevil will be the first TV series to be completed on Marvel Studios' Netflix deal as all of the casting news from the five projects has been on the Daredevil series. Today, news has made its way onto the internet that Peter Shinkoda has been cast as a recurring character known as Hachiro. Who is Hachiro you ask? Well, you better keep asking, because nobody knows! Hachiro is not the name of a comic book character, alter ego, code word, nothing! Comicbook Movie seems to believe he is a character completely made up for the sake of the show.

There are still quite a few possibilities. In the comics, [Daredevil](movie:47230)'s fighting skills are a result of training from his dad, a world-class boxer "battling Jack" Murdock, as well as self-taught martial arts, according to his character page:

Through a combination of the tutelage of Stick and self-training, Daredevil is a master of a unique martial art form, which is a hybridized form of American boxing and the Japanese arts of ninjutsu, judo and aiki-jujutsu. Martial arts training has given him an immense degree of concentration and personal control over his body and energy, or Ki.

Perhaps, rather than taking the self-taught route, they've brought in a Japanese martial artist to teach him his fighting style, as well as his father who will be responsible for the other half of his fighting technique.

Daredevil is currently filming on-location in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan.


Who is Hachiro?


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