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For years now we've been paying to see these Slashers in theaters. And while we know some might be superior with power, strength, or maybe just intelligence... would we actually stand a change against them alone in a dark alley? Lets see!

Ghostface / Scream

First is Ghostface, and thinking about it, some of us would survive an encounter with whoever is under that mask. While others would fall victim to the same mistakes made in the movies. The truth is, the Ghostface killer is usually smart, and has always had a plan beforehand. Also equipped with superior knowledge of what you'll probably do when he or she tries to attack you. His only real superiority is intelligence....and a knife. So how much of a threat is this slasher? I give him(or her) a 6 out of 10. Not bad, Ghostface, not bad...

Chucky / Childs Play

Now its time for the tiny slasher. Who most of you for obvious reasons probably know why a good 4 points is already taken off from his scale of being an actual threat. And those reasons are because of his size and his strength ability. He is not strong at all. And some of the people he manages to kill is by pure luck. BUT, I do have to credit him for being pretty good at what he does. He's actually a very smart killer. So I'll give him credit for that. But if one of us actually managed to run into this slasher on the street, we'd kick him into the grass somewhere (unless he has a gun, then you run). Chucky's rate on the scale for being a threat is a good 4/10.

Leatherface / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Leatherface! Everyone's favorite face-wearing slasher villain. Despite his size and strength, he is extremely withdrawn from any other people besides his own. And he is also very dumb...stupid...whatever you want to call it. He's afraid of people entering his space or home. Which results in him killing you out of fear. So what if we ran into this gigantic slasher on the street? Well, that's unlikely, he's an extreme introvert. But IF we did, we would 100% lose in any type of physical confrontation. If you're clever and able to think correctly, you'd be able to out smart him and either defeat him some way, or escape and notify the authorities. Only for him to be gone when they get there, of course. SO considering all of that, I give Leatherface a 7/10 on the scale for being a threat to one of us.

Jason Voorhees / Friday The 13th

And now we are officially entering very lethal territory. The villains from this point on are the deadliest. Starting with Jason. And I'm just gonna cut to the chase, none of us can beat Jason. If you think you you might be able to, you're wrong. Because you can't. Now as for smarts, you might be able to slip by death. But those chances are even slimmer if you're at Crystal Lake. Because realistically, like in the last Friday the 13th. He would be more of a person living off of the land and making use of his surroundings. MEANING he will know where everything is. And he'll definitely have things set up to where - if he doesn't find you - then maybe one of his bear traps will, or whatever else he manages to set up on the ground. After considering ALL of that information. I have to give Jason a rate of 9/10 on the scale of being a threat. Uh, I mean, good job, Jason? ...

Michael Myers / Halloween

Michael...Myers. There were a lot of things I had to consider for this one. And basically like Jason, none of us stand a chance. Not even slightly. When it comes down to a physical confrontation we CANNOT beat him. If we get a weapon we CANNOT kill him. And if we get any type of gun it won't matter because that won't make a difference either. And to ADD ONTO THAT, we have to worry about his stealth abilities. He has the ability to enter anyone's house whenever he feels without getting caught, completely seamless.

We also have to worry about how smart he actually is. Unlike Jason, and Leatherface. Michael Myers is one of the smartest Slasher villains. So out smarting him is out the window as well. So what can we do? Only one thing...RUN, man, RUN. Depending on which version Michael Myers you're dealing with, if you're lucky he'll be slower. So if you run you might be able to stay alive those 20 seconds, 20 minutes, months, or even years. But even then when you think he's forgotten about you... he'll track you down and start all over again. You just can't win. So what do I give this legendary slasher on a scale of 1-10 for being a threat? A solid 10.

Freddy Krueger / A Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy! One of the toughest villains ever. He has the unique power of being able to invade your dreams. And from then on he can do whatever he wants to you. Now they've offered ways to kill him in the movies. But realistically, I don't think any of us would be able to pull it off. Honestly, since Freddy is able to kill you in literally any type of way he chooses there probably wouldn't be much procrastinating when he decides to. But if you do get a chance to bring him out of your dreams. Then you better have something next to your bed to kill him with. Or else you'll still die. And for those reason I will give him a 10/10 on the scale for being a threat! You can't escape him, and that is truly terrifying!

Pinhead / Hellraiser

Well folks...that quote says it all. I give him a 10/10 on the scale fore being a definite threat. I'm kidding! I guess I'll need to explain, yeah? Pinhead is the most powerful, definitely the most intelligent, and one of the most evil villains in movie history. Period. After Michael Myers, Pinhead gets my vote fore being the most evil. He has several powers, most notably those chains. And resides in Hell itself. He wouldn't even need his fellow cenobites to defeat ANY one of us. Unlike the rest, realistically, we can't do anything to stop Pinhead from making us suffer. He would be the one you go to in Hell for all of the most painful, evil, sinister, stuff to happen to you. NEVER run into Pinhead! He definitely deserves a 10/10 for being a MAJOR threat. We wouldn't be able to do anything... at all... Well, maybe cry. But that's it.

As a matter of fact, never run into any of the villains listed here. We might think the creepy guy down the street is bad. But even he would cower in the presence of the villains displayed here. Truly evil and cunning beings!


Which of These Villains Would YOU Avoid Running Into The Most?


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