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Rupert Murdoch's Fox made an attempt to buy Time Warner but the deal didn't go through. Time Warner rejected the 80 billion USD bid saying the offer wasn't in the best interests of the company, and that its strategic plan will create significantly more value "and is superior to any proposal that Twenty-First Century Fox is in a position to offer." This is not the end of the chase however as reports claim that Rupert Murdoch is determined to make this happen.

Time Warner spent more than a month considering the Fox approach. The Warner board decided on July 3rd to reject it and communicated that view to Fox this past week, before Allen & Co's Sun Valley media and technology conference.

People close to Fox are playing down how aggressive the company is likely to be on price. While they note the company is "determined" in its pursuit of Time Warner, one also says it will be "disciplined" in the price it is willing to offer.

  Oh, the financials!
Oh, the financials!

Interesting development indeed!

While Time Warner has rejected the initial bid, we all know that everyone has a price. If this goes through, Fox will own the entirety of DC movie rights and respective comic rights. Paving the golden path for some interesting comic book rooted movie developments. Will Fox have two cinematic universes or will we see an insane crossover?

Just imagine this:

Old Batman: I want you to remember in all your days to come.. In your most private moments...

Old Wolverine: [Flipping him off] Clear your throat Bub!

Of course, sadly that will most likely never happen but I am holding onto my ambitious dreams!

Neither will this...

Wolverine v Superman: Dawn of Bone Claws
Wolverine v Superman: Dawn of Bone Claws

I am curious about what you guys think. Will Fox succeed and would you love Fox/WB amalgamation? If it does - do you think there will be a crossover to come? Comment below!

(Source: Wall Street Journal, Reuters)


What are your feelings about Fox attempting to take over Time Warner?


If the deal goes through do you want some Marvel DC cross-overs ?


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