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We're slowly getting there, guys and girls! If you have read this far, then you have successfully made it most of the way through my plot line for World's Finest, my ideal sequel to 2013's Man of Steel, totally unconnected to the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) (this is, in a way, how I wish they would have handled Dawn of Justice). But then again, there are many of you who have not yet read Parts 1-6, so I'll give you those links below so that you can check those out first:

And now that you've read those, there's no sense in waiting any longer! Here is Part 7 of World's Finest.

Part VII

The two crash into the street. cracking the pavement beneath them. Screams emit from the crowd as they push their way past the barriers and the stage itself to see the fight taking place on the other side. Lois, still standing on the stage, makes her way across it and stands at the huge hole left in the backdrop when Lex tackled Superman. Her eyes are wide and she seems breathless.

Lex is on top of Superman, and with a heavy fist he pummels the Man of Steel in the face, knocking his head further into the pavement, which cracks even more under the pressure. An evil smile forms on Lex's face as he raises his arm to punch again. He strikes down, and Superman grunts with the impact, still too startled to react.

The next few blows come in slow motion, and we can see Superman's reaction with each punch. His face his bloody and the microphone falls off, and he is obviously shocked by the level of ferocity that Lex is showing in such a public area. More punches land on his face, and then the scene cuts to a flashback.

Young Clark is walking with Pa Kent through the woods, a palm-sized rock in his hands. He tosses the rock up and catches it, and though it probably weighs a good five to ten pounds, he catches it with the greatest of ease.

"So where am I from, exactly?" Clark asks. We can sense that this scene takes place very shortly after Jonathan revealed to Clark that he was alien in Man of Steel.

"I can't say I know, son. I know about just as much as you at this point. I've told you everything."

Clark nods, looking down at his hand as he continues to throw the rock into the air and catch it again. "Why can I do all these things? Why am I so different? I look like you, so why can't I be like you?"

Jonathan smiles, putting a hand on his on's shoulder and pulling him in. "I know it's hard to understand, Clark, and I can't explain that either. I'm sure that there's some scientist out there who could explain it all to you, but unfortunately you got stuck with a farmer. All I can tell you is that there's a reason you're different. If any other person on this earth were to have the power you have, they'd go crazy with it."

Clark smiles now, but it is a sad smiles. He stops throwing the rock and holds it firmly in his grasp, looking up at Jonathan. They stop walking. "Yeah, I guess I have you and mom to thank for that. If it weren't for y'all, I'd be like everyone else."

"It's not just us, Clark. All we can do here is guide you, but when it comes down to it, you're the one who makes that final decision. You're the one who controls your power, and you are the one who decides how to use it. Yeah, we can encourage you to be the best man you can be, but you're the one who decides to be that man."

And with that, the scene fades away, and we see Superman being punched again, Lex's fist coming down on his face over and over and over. At last, Superman reaches up and catches the fist as it comes down, throwing Lex's rhythm and mojo off. Lex looks down at him and the smile fades away to a grimace, and the grimace fades away to a look of full hatred. He pushes his fist down towards Superman's face, but Superman holds it back.

"You tried to kill me, you alien," Lex says through gritted teeth. "You tried to murder me."

"I...didn' kill you!" Superman yells as he strains to hold Lex's robotic arm up, at the same time digging his legs under the robot and kicking Lex off of him, sending Lex somersaulting over him and landing fifty feet away. When Lex stands up, he turns around to face Superman, who is now placed between him and the crowd, which watches on in shock. Superman wipes some blood off of his face. "I don't want you fight you," he says to Lex. "We don't have to fight. It doesn't have to be this way."

"Doesn't it, though?" Lex says, stepping a bit closer. The two begin to circle each other, and Superman stands back, obviously showing no desire to fight. Lex clenches his fist as they continue to circle one another. "Don't you see, Superman?" he spits the word. "The world, and especially Metropolis, will never be safe until you are stopped. You have too much power, and it turns out that I happen to be the one man who is able to stop you."

"Why can't we just work together? Why can't we team up and help rebuild Metropolis? You and I together could help save this place in no time!" Superman pleas.

Lex smiles and stops circling Superman, who is now once again placed between him and the crowd. "I'm sorry, but I don't work with aliens." He kicks Superman square in the chest, knocking him into the air, barreling towards the crowd.

Superman flies back in slow motion, and he takes a glance towards the crowd, who are struggling to move out of the way, but are far too slow to do so. Superman then looks over to a building to his right, housing a big concrete wall. Superman blows super hard in that direction, and the air that comes from his lungs breaks the concrete. The result sends him spiraling in the opposite direction, and he crashes into a building on the opposite side of the street. For now, the crowd is safe. Superman emerges from wreckage of the building, stepping out and looking to the crowd. "Get to safety!" he yells. "Get away from here!"

The crowd turns to leave, but they can see that there is nowhere to go. They may have been able to get over the stage to this side, but now they are cornered. Lois, still standing up on the stage, squats down and begins to help people up and through the hole, but there are far too many for her to save. Superman notices this and sighs, stepping back onto the street and facing Lex, who stands there confidently.

"Lex, listen to me. Yes, I' am an alien, and yes, I may be a potential threat, but you have to trust me! I'm the good guy here. We don't have to fight."

Lex shakes his head. "As I told you before, Kal El. We were made to fight each other. If I don't challenge you, than who will?"

"Don't look at it that way. It's just what you're telling yourself. We don't have to resort to--" Lex punches Superman in chest, sending him spiraling towards the crowd once again. This time, Superman remain upright and digs his heels into the cement as he flies backwards, screeching to a stop just feet in front of one of the scared onlookers. He turns and sees that it is a child, maybe seven or eight. He looks down and shakes his head. "So be it." He runs forward as super speed, and in one slow motion ordeal, we see him leap into the air and Superman punch (yes, SUPERMAN PUNCH) Lex directly in the chest. Chest flies backwards a few hundred yards down the street, a safe distance away from the crowd. No more buildings are harmed. Superman flies in that direction and lands atop Lex's metallic suit, and begins throwing haymaker punches down at the suit. Small dents begin to form in the armor, and Superman's knuckles bloody.

"What're you going to do, Kal? Kill me like you killed Zod?" Lex chides, laughing as Superman beats down on him. "It's one thing to kill a man as powerful as you, but killing the underdog? That'll definitely make people trust you."

Superman eyes Lex, still holding the armor down with one hand as his other arms remains raised, fist clenched. "I'm not going to kill you," Superman says. "But I am going to stop you." He begins to swing his arm down, and we go into slow motion once again:

As Superman's arm swings down (at superspeed, I may add, which means that it's super-slow motion), Lex uses one hand to hit a button on the opposite forearm. Immediately, pieces of the armor slide open, a green glow emitting from the spaces. Superman's fist crashes down into the armor, and we see his wrist bend in an unnatural position, followed by a deafening crack. The scene cuts back to normal speed.

Superman yells, grasping his wrist as he rolls off of the metal suit. Lex smiles and pushes himself up, allowing us to get a clear glimpse of the suit, many of its armored plates now replaced with kryptonite. Superman is on the ground, looking at his hand, which is broken. A scared look on his face, he flips onto his back and begins to crawl away, pain smothered on his face as he looks at Luthor with wide eyes. "What--" he begins, finding it hard to speak.

"This is a little thing I like to call kryptonite," Lex says, stepping slowly closer and closer to Superman, who continues to pull himself away with one hand. The crowd a few hundred yards away can be heard gasp. "I was hoping it would have some sort of effect on you. Turns out better than I expected..." He steps up and grabs Superman by the collar, lifting him into the air.

Superman struggles for breath, and as Lex lifts him, he clenches at his heart. "Wh...why?"

"Because like I said, Big Blue! Don't you see? A man with your power needs to be contained! I had to find your weak spot or else you were free to do whatever you wanted! I'm repeating myself at this point; for Christ's sake!" He throws Superman into the air, and as Superman comes falling back down, Lex times it perfectly and kicks him directly in the chest, sending him flying in the direction of the crowd once again. Superman lands just feet in front of them, and this time, his impact doesn't break the ground. He hits and rolls, his body shredding up as he skids to a stop. Lois hops down from the stage and runs towards him, trying to push her way through the crowd.

Superman pushes himself up, dazed, his hair hanging down (as opposed to his usual perfectly-groomed and styled self) and blood dripping down his face. His hand is broken, but he pushes the pain away. He raises himself up to one knee and looks up at Lex, who sports his award-winning smile as he slowly treks down the street and towards him once again. Superman allows his head to hang down, obviously dead tired and empty of all energy. Once Lex comes within range, we hear a ringing noise, signaling that the kryptonite is working its magic once again. Superman winces, clenching at his heart once more. He is doubled over, but stills holds his position on one knee.

"Stop it, you're hurting him!" a woman yells, stepping forward and out of the crowd. She steps between Lex and Superman, defiance covering her face.A boy and a girl try to rush to her side, but she holds of a hand. "Zan! Jayna! Stay back!"

Lex looks appalled. "You'd defend this...this alien?"

In answer, a man steps to her side. Then another, and another. A huge crowd stands between Superman and Lex.

"I'm Lex Luthor!" Lex screams at them. "I'm human! I'm one of you! This...this thing has no right to be here! Why on earth would you defend him? Each of you deserves to die if you'd out your hands in the lives of this alien!" he screams in a fit of rage, obviously not thinking straight. He raises his arms up and clasps his fists together, preparing to slam his fists into the ground, initiating a shock wave that would undoubtedly kill all of the people in the crowd (either from flying shrapnel or from their own bodies flying off and landing on hard pavement elsewhere). He begins to swing down.

Two hands catch the fists as they come down, and Lex's momentum is once again thrown off. The camera zooms out, and we can see a weakened Superman standing there, straining under the pressure of Lex's fists. Superman's feet dig into the ground as he resists the pressure, and by the look on his face, we can see how weak he truly is. It is almost as if he is but a regular man doing a super man's job. He pushes up on the fists, holding them from crashing into the ground. Lex smiles and backhands Superman in the face. Superman goes sprawling in the direction of a building, and even though he tries to blow himself out of impact, he still grazes the building and causes a bit of damage. The weakened Superman stumbles to his feet, looking more like a drunk than a Man of Steel. Blood drips down his face and arms. His face is green and his hair is all over the place. The crowd looks on in horror.

Superman closes his eyes.

We see the bank robbery scene from earlier in the film, with Batman standing across from Superman. "You're an alien. You're different than us."

Batman's words keep playing in his head as Superman opens his eyes, and he darts away, a few hundred feet away from Luthor--in the direction opposite of the crowd. "You aren't from here. You seemingly came out of nowhere...obscurity," Batman says as we see all of this unfold. "You have the power to control the world with a single finger, and the only person who controls that power is you. You've revealed nothing about your life outside of the cape." Lex begins walking towards him, leaving the crowd behind. Superman looks at him, using all of his strength to help appear at least a little bit strong. Lex, on the other hand, looks fresh and not tired at all. Superman closes his eyes again. He sees himself, destroying the World Engine in [Man of Steel](movie:15593). He sees himself straining against the pressure, taking flight despite the weight that the machine pressed down upon him.

He opens his eyes again, and sees that Lex is stepping towards him still. Superman's eyes twitch as the ringing noise becomes louder and louder, the kryptonite coming closer and closer.

He hears Lois' words that day they were heading home from Kent farm. "Look at the thousands of people out there. You're their hero." He looks up at Lex, now closer than ever, grabbing him by the collar once again. Lois continues to speak: "You're an inspiration to these people, Clark, and no matter what happens, you will keep their trust. Just give it time."

As Lex raises Superman above his head, Superman catches one more glimpse of the crowd, still gathered a hundred feet away. By now, they most definitely would have had time to leave, but they stand there in honor of the man who saved them despite his weakened state. From the look in his eyes, we can see a shift. He owes it to them to survive.

We see Superman's eyes glow red, and thin beams of fire emerge from them, hitting Lex's suit. The suit gets hot extremely quickly and Luthor screams, dropping Superman and falling to the ground himself. Superman steps back as Luthor regains his footing, the suit cooling off just as quickly as it had heated up.

"Lex, this isn't a game. These aren't toys we are playing with. These are human lives. We don't have to fight. Let's end it now."

"You want to end it now?" Lex asks. He punches Superman in the face once more and Superman falls to the ground. He struggles up, refusing to give up. He looks a lot like Rocky Balboa towards the end of the final fight of the original Rocky movie. Lex lands another punch on him, knocking him back a bit further.

Superman looks down at his wrist, which is still bent at an odd angle. He sighs and looks back at Luthor, who once again slowly steps towards him, knowing he has the upper hand. Superman uses what little energy he has left to fly forward with both fists clenched (screaming due to 1) having to flex his broken hand and 2) use up his remaining energy) and crash into Lex, but does little good, only knocking Lex back a few feet. Superman falls to the ground and Luthor smiles, stepping one foot atop his back. Superman grunts as Lex applies the pressure.

"I hope you remember this forever, Superman. The day that--"

He is cut off as a caped figure swoops in and kicks him in the face, vaguely reminiscent of of the bank robbery scene earlier in the movie. Lex screams and falls to the side, his foot raising off of Superman. Superman struggles to his feet warily, turning to see that Batman has arrived, and is currently atop Luthor, who fights him from the ground. A punch from Luthor's metallic robot arm sends Batman flying into a building.

Superman watches in horror as the two exchange blows, Batman holding his own against the giant robot fairly well. Batman swoops in and out, catching Luthor in small openings in the armor and various other places that are left vulnerable.

"The sun," Batman says mid-punch. He looks over at Superman, at the same time performing a side flip over Luthor's swinging leg and throwing a batarang into the metal suit's rib cage.

Superman looks confused. "What?"

"The sun, fly towards it," Batman says.

Superman, still dazed and non-comprehensive, stares blankly as the duo continue to exchange blows. "Why?"

"Don't ask questions," Batman says gruffly. "Just do it. I can handle it here for the time being." He shoots a grappling hook to the roof of a building, running along the building's wall and swooping around the land another kick directly towards Luthor's jaw. Luthor stumbles backwards, nearly toppling over once again. He swings at Batman and lands directly in his jaw, knocking the Dark Knight down the block.

Superman, looking away from the fight, bends down to the ground, using Batman's distraction to his advantage. He squats down to one knee and places his hand on the ground, which begins to vibrate. He is building energy.

At last, with one final burst, Superman launches himself skyward, breaking the sound barrier as he shoots straight upwards, directly towards the sun.

(to be continued...)

Like I said guys and gals, we are almost there! Now it's up to you, in the comments, to tell me just how you think this story should end! What should happen next? How should it wrap up? What story should follow?! Tell me in the comments, and come back for Part 8!!!


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