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Mad,Bad and dangerous to know!
Vic Moxie Croughan


So our favourite monsters are to be given a make over and I'm not happy about it.

Now, I've only seen one Fast & Furious film, because one was enough, so I can't really comment on the Chris Morgan's writing ability. While I'm not mad keen on someone responsible for that franchise being anywhere near our beloved black and white beauties that's not quite my issue. It's that someone thinks rebooting these classic films is a good idea at all.

Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Dracula, Mummy and my beautiful Bride in are timeless. If someone doesn't want to watch these old black and white movies THEN THEY DON'T GET TO KNOW THAT STORY! Same as subtitled films, don't want to read subtitles then YOU DON'T GET TO KNOW THAT STORY. It's really quite simple.

So, that's my immediate response to this news, I feel a longer post brewing though. What do you think? I promise not to shout at you.... well, never say never :-)


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