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Yesterday, star of the upcoming [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) reboot, Kate Mara revealed that:

- She has never read a comic book.

- Director Josh Trank told her she doesn't have to bother reading any of the comic books.

- Josh Trank informed her that the movie is not going to be based off anything already published in the comic books.

The fact that Kate Mara has never read a 'Fantastic Four' comic book is not a big deal at all. Comic Book readers have been up in arms about this but the fact is, she's going to be performing off of the script, this Susan Storm might not be the exact same as she is in the comic books so for Mara to have two different versions of the same character in her head might be quite messy. A lot of actors have revealed that they haven't read the source material that their role is based off. As long as the script is good and the actor does a good job of performing the character in the script, all is fine.

Josh Trank telling Mara that she doesn't need to read the comic books supports what I said above, it looks like Trank and Kinberg are creating new versions of these characters for their movie so they want the actors to just go off their script, and that gives me some faith. They obviously have a lot of faith in their script if they're telling the actors they don't need to read source material.

And last but not least, the point of the film not being based off anything in the comic books. Personally I am completely fine with getting a new story for these characters. I am a huge Fantastic Four fan and I can't wait to see a new story with these characters, if we want to see stories we already know, we'll go and read the comics again, but this movie is just another adaptation of the source material, taking these characters on another adventure that we might not have seen before. We could end up seeing some stories from the comics come up in the sequels but for now, personally I'm happy that we'll be getting a brand new story. A lot of superhero films take characters and put them into completely original stories, like The Dark Knight and many more successful films.

The only people that I can imagine would get disappointed by this news is die hard comic book fans who want to see the stories they love put on the big screen. For the 99% of people who go to see this film, this won't mean anything.

Personally I'm really excited for this film, it has a great director, a fantastic writer and a really, really good cast! Am I being too optimistic? Let me know what you guys think of this news down below!


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