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Disclaimer: This is purely for fun, and to show off some of the images we may see in the movie. Obviously, I have never been to Xandar. This is a "travel blog" based on the movie trailers and Galaxy Getaways website, and I've had to make some assumptions and take some liberties. Not all images are from the film. Enjoy!

Having always wanted to roam the galaxy without having to own (or steal!) my own space-ship, I was thrilled to find the only inter-galactic travel agency, Galaxy Getaways!

I knew that I needed to give them a try, and as one of the first human travelers with them, that I should share my experiences with you!

I wasn't sure which planet to explore from the three options, but the staff at Galaxy Getaways are so polite and friendly, they were happy to ask me some questions about my preferences and figure out the ideal destination for me. It didn't take long to discover that I would be best to head to Xandar, the safest, friendliest and most luxurious of the three planets, located in the Tranta star system of the Andromeda galaxy.

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It may be the most peaceful and pretty, but Xandar is also the most expensive of the three. Luxury hotels and five-nebula restaurants mean that staying there is almost as much as getting there, and inter-galactic travel doesn't come cheap!

The pickup service was incredible. They have launch points all over the world, so it was actually closer than heading to the airport - I'd still recommend getting there a little early, and don't forget that you need a special passport from the agency.

It would be a long flight, but thanks to technology much more advanced than our usual methods of transport, we were there in...well, probably the amount of time it would have taken me to get to the airport to go somewhere close by!

Coming in to land on this gorgeous planet, the first thing that you notice is that the entire city is shaped somewhat like a giant star; it's the Nova Corps symbol, and the whole city is designed and built around that logo.

You can see it everywhere, in the architecture, in the uniforms, even in the ships in the sky!

The Nova Corps themselves are everywhere, but it doesn't feel intrusive. They are great to ask for directions or help if you need it, but make sure that you aren't interrupting anything more important. Xandar is the active base of this galactic peacekeeping force, and there are often training exercises going on.

However, the majority of the time, they act like the planet's police force. Feel free to ask them anything you would ask a cop on a New York street corner.

If you are so inclined, you can also go and check out the Nova Corps Headquarters themselves. Obviously, this isn't something you can simply go and wander around, but much like the major military installations here on Earth, there are tour groups taken around the more public areas of the building.

Here, you can learn about the history of the Xandarian forces, as well as seeing more of the amazing architecture on this planet. As the most central point of the city, you are sure to walk by, even if you do not choose to take the tour itself.

After the Nova Headquarters, I chose to take a little break from the educational stuff, and hit another major central building; the Xandar Mall. No cheap and tacky tourist souvenirs when you get back from this trip!

The entire building is made of curved glass panels, surrounded by palm trees and sculptural aquarium tanks.

Inside the mall you will find everything that you could possibly want to bring home - but bring some extra travelers checks here! Like most of the planet, the gorgeous items in the Xandar mall do not come cheap. This reminds me of Harrods or Prada on another planet; gleaming, gorgeous, and expensive. Of course, if you have come all this way, an extra few coins won't make that much of a difference.

Luckily, some parts of Xandar are totally free, and absolutely magnificent. There are walking trails outside the city limits, where you can take a stroll through the warm tropical plants and catch amazing views like this one. There are trails for different levels of fitness, and they are all clearly marked. There are also shuttle stops at various points along the trails, so you don't even have to walk all the way back. Even the hiking here is luxurious.

If even the word "hike" brings you out in a sweat, why not just take a stroll around the city? Everywhere I went was beautiful, with planters and water features lining the streets, and floating bridges that are an absolute architectural marvel.

Finish up your day on Xandar with a trip to taste some of the local cuisine. Gluborg's was recommended to me, and after a dinner there, I understand why. The food choices were surprisingly delicious - but I would definitely suggest being honest with your waiter about how experimental you are feeling. Some of the plates on the table next to me looked like they were still alive!

There is a definite feeling of the tropics around this beautiful planet, and it is reflected in the food. It looks and tastes very much like high-end seafood that you can find at home, with lots of fresh fruits and tangy flavors.

Before heading to bed, I took one last chance to stroll along the beach and see the three suns setting, which is indescribably beautiful. Tides be darned, now I wish that Earth had more than just one moon! Luckily, I had chosen to stay at the Zentitel, where the rooms have panoramic views, and I was able to watch all three rise and set during my visit.

Xandar is clearly a planet for luxury, and it reflects in the price tag. However, it also reflects in the service, and the comfort. I was worried that I might feel completely out of place, after all, this is a truly alien planet. What I found was the most impressive five-star tropical vacation anywhere, and if only I could afford it, I would be back next week.

Next time, I may even brave Knowhere, a party planet with a reputation....


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