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No, but seriously, James Gunn is either trying to pull a fast one on us speculators, or Marvel has officially become the most brazen film studio on Earth.

Obvious spoilers are ahead, so if you don't want your [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) viewing to be tainted with this revelation, then click away right now. I'll even make it easy for you by giving you this awesome Big Hero 6 article to read and enjoy.

Ready? You sure? Let's dance.

Recently, Marvel made their credit list public through Stitch Kingdom. Keep in mind that this is the full cast list, not an IMDB portal. Which means that one or two credits that they may have wanted to keep on the down low slipped through. Great news for us.

Now, you may be thinking this is going to be some lame, predictable cameo involving one of the Avengers. If that was the case, the headline for this article would be something along the lines of Hulk to Smash In Guardians of the Galaxy, Obviously.

Some of you may think you've got it and are waiting for me to say Nova. Shame on you. You think I'd build this up over a Nova appearance?

The correct answer is: Howard the Duck.

You see, the ending sequence credits a line by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik. Unrecognizable names to most, but these guys are actually the co-creators of Howard the Duck, who got his own movie back in 1986.

Howard the Duck meets George Lucas
Howard the Duck meets George Lucas

His inclusion could be anything from an aside involving a Howard the Duck comic book within the movie or even the Duck himself high fiving Rocket Raccoon. We just don't know.

All that we do know is that if this is legit, Marvel will have no choice but to confirm my Howard the Duck-related pitch email with the subject line, Do you believe in miracles?

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) gets the duck into theaters August 1st.


How do you think Howard would/could make an appearance?

Source: Stitch Kingdom


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