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We are talking about Tolkien's 11 years of work, 3 books, more than 1,100 pages turned into 681 minutes of film (721 minutes if you have the extended edition which, let's face it, you do). That's 12 hours of character development, epic journeys, love triangles and too many species to keep track off... all condensed to a minute and a half.

Can it be done? You tell me.

Is it incredibly ambiguous? You bet. Is it accurate? As accurate as saying Game of Thrones is about kings in a faraway land and people die. However, is it true? While it really doesn't do Lord of the Ring justice, I can't deny the facts.

There is a lot of walking. A lot. Seriously, where are the eagles in all of this? Ugly people are not to be trusted and Gandalf always, always gets people into some dangerous mission they don't want to be any part of and then he bails halfway! (Okay, that last one is just my personal rant. Yet, it is also true. Think about it.)

Did Mashable's video make you laugh or enrage your inner Middle-earth fan?


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