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Well, it looks like a [Justice League](movie:401267) Movie is finally on the way and I'll bet DC Comic fans are wetting down both legs. Its an exciting time and fans are hanging on every bit of information coming daily from the fansites, hoping for that one bit of information or picture that will bring it all together. Truthfully, who wouldn't want a look at Cavill, Affleck and Gadot in costume together, with maybe Jason Mamoa as well, if he really is [Aquaman](movie:264237). I'd do the wet routine in my depends, honestly, if I wore those things. My money says its true about Mamoa, and it is a fact that even though he won't be back, most likely, Ryan Reynolds IS under contract to play Green Lantern again, and that wouldn't be a bad thing.

Okay, so now we have three characters actually cast, one most likely and one that could be with someone already under contract. Now lets look at the what if possibility of actors from DC Comics television shows being connected to a movie as well and suddenly you have Stephan Amell, Grant Gustin, Kaite Lotz and Brandon Routh and that means Green Arrow, The Flash, Black Canary and the Atom. Then you have a potential rumor, Dwayne Johnson as The Martian Manhunter. Now you have something that has to make your heart beat right through the walls of your chest cavity because here is something that fans have dreamed of since the 60's. This is huge.

This would be un-Godly!!!
This would be un-Godly!!!

In the opening picture I went Justice League vs [The Avengers](movie:9040) because you are automatically going to have people comparing, arguing who is better and you get some who want to play out a fight between the two teams. That much is ridiculous to argue because there is no way of finding out, they aren't real. All you can hope for is a biased opinion of who wins if they fight each other. Its about a fifty/fifty split on who would win a fight, but people are starting to lean toward the Justice League and with the kind of fire power they have, yeah, I'd go that way too. But you have to remember, Avengers did something no team related movie ever has done. The amount of money the movie made and the way the team worked on screen together completely changed how we make movies and the Avengers rule supreme. Enter team three!

The reigning kings!
The reigning kings!

Back in April, actually on April 1st, a two book set called the The Regulators: Hell On earth was published and on sale at and Barnes & Noble three days later. I know this because I am actually the author and in retrospect, I'm wondering what I was thinking when I published on April Fools Day. Why would anyone release a serious story to the public on the least serious day of the year. Honestly, I wish I had an answer but the best I can figure is I just wasn't paying attention.

A month later I went April Fools Day in a big way with an article on one of the entertainment sites and made the claim that Regulators was as good and the Justice League and Avengers should make way. The comments we got were brutal and I should have seen that coming. I mean really, how do you compare an unknown team of super powered vigilantes that have only been around for a month with the two major heavyweights. DC and Marvel both were in business back in the late 30's and we are talking about making a claim that unknowns are as good or better than a Batman who has been around for 70 years, and a host of other characters just as old. So how do you make an argument like that?

First off, In 1939 when DC and Marvel started the competition, would anyone have believed that either company or any of their properties would be what they are today. Or to put it another way, if Marvel claimed then that they could put a movie on the big screen about their premier super hero team and make a billion dollars would anyone have not laughed? On day one was Batman or Superman the huge iconic character of today? Suddenly Regulators are not so laughable, but still, they are characters in one novel so far, and not even a graphic one, and over a period of three and a half months how many people have even heard of them.

Six of the nine Regulators from the first story.
Six of the nine Regulators from the first story.

In the picture you have (left to right) Silver Streak, Thunderbolt, Silver Bison, Madame Orage, the Sentinel and Lady Pyra. Not pictured, Warhawk, Spectra, and Lady Mysteria. The difference between these nine and the Avengers and Justice League is these characters work with the personalities of the people who created them before I assembled them in a story. With Avengers and the Justice League, yes, you have real people, but their personalities are not the basis for the characters, therefore you can't actually call them real, they are characters being portrayed by actors doing an interpretation, while The Regulators are characters that work in a book like the real people who inspired them.

The Regulators
The Regulators

The only actual information you have to base a comparison on at this point is one only novel, written by a first time author who self published his book which makes it two strikes against the author and the book, and with the third pitch coming, oh no, the author couldn't afford quality editing so some flaws slipped by and what has been described as a very good book is not a great book. It was so described by the author of a story based on an interview we did for The Inquisitr, Scott Rutherford, which is an online news source with a large following.

You will undoubtedly think, well, how can I compare when I know nothing about The Regulators, and that is so true. Profiles would probably make that easier.

Maybe a video of the author talking about Regulators too.

And did I mention being listed in the Top 100 American authors on

What the comparison all comes down to is credibility. Being a best seller, selling a million copies and getting a big write up in the New York Times or Washington Post, now that is credibility. But as with the climb to power by Marvel and DC Comics, Rome wasn't built in a day, or even three and a half months. A re-launch of the books after sending it to a professional for editing, and more than one title in print, that brings credibility and in a few months, the argument changes with those kinds of things happening. But for the moment should an author make such bold statements about a team of unknowns competing with the heavyweights of the business? Please leave your comments and vote in the poll.


Could the Regulators compete with Justice League or the Avengers, now or ever?


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