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From the 1980s, these two franchises were beloved then and still currently today. To keep the love going, there have been comics being pumped out over the years for fans.

But just recently it was announced on The Nerdist about how IDW is now going to cross-over these two universes and make a storyline!

According to the press release from the publisher, the four-issue miniseries will take the Turtles from their own New York into an alternate version with a major ghost problem. It’s here that they meet the Ghostbusters and the octet deals with the mysterious, ghostly thing that the Turtles accidentally dragged with them from their dimension.

I've checked out the revived Ghostbusters series in comic format. The graphics and details are amazing! The TMNT is too. But what is best? The storylines that have been created so far for both series. They have some creative people working at IDW. Props to Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham for sure.


So as fans of the series, would you read this mini-series or just pass it up?


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