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Bobby TwistedMinded Borges

Now this is just an opinion of mine so forgive me of being blunt.

I want you guys to take a look at something here. Everyone take a look at this photo:

Pretty badass photo right? Ultron with his unique armor looking very epic and all. The typical Ultron we all know... Ok now lets take a look at this image from teaser trailer from last year's comic-con of the Avengers 2:

Looks like the same concept from the photo above. Now after seeing this trailer I was very pumped because I assumed since this was a legit teaser, Ultron will look like this in the movie.... Until today.... I felt like someone just pissed in my cornflakes when I had seen how Ultron would look like:

ALL I can say is I'm very disappointed... In the teaser trailer, he looks to be just perfect but now he looks like a ordinary robot that's just made of wires and dull metal. When people are saying he looks bad ass, I really don't know where you guys are getting this notion. From what's on the teaser trailer vs what I see here seems to be black and white. Huge difference. I hope that this is just one version of him in the film that will soon upgrade to the Ultron we all loved at the comic-con trailer. But I'm not blown away like most people. Don't you guys see a huge difference? I mean in the photo above he looks like a constipated alien looking robot. It even looks like they don't got the mouth right...


Which version of Ultron do you prefer?


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