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So you heard it right, singing zombies. As if glittery vampires and love stories with zombies was bad enough, (sorry tween girls!), but I think this takes the cake on bad ideas. Its' right up there with Evil Dead the Musical (that's an entirely different article on it's own).

Musical of the Living Dead, yes that is the title. Singing, dancing, tra-la-la-fa-la through out the night from Barbra and her friends in the house; and zombies that surround the house.

What caught my attention was the fact that the patrons viewing this play, wear rain ponchos and shower caps because of the splatter zone section. At least with A Christmas Carol on broadway you get light snow. The idea of getting splattered with blood while watching a play reminds me of that scene from, The Adams Family, when Wednesday and Pugsley chop off body parts and soak the first three rows of the audience of their school.

Now the website/news site that published the article stated this from the play:

"Musical of the Living Dead" isn't just about the blood. It's an over-the-top horror musical based on George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead," with a bit of "Dawn of the Dead" and references to so many horror films I lost count. Oh, and it's a drinking game, too, so over-21s can play along with the $2 beer and zombie-themed shots on sale at the bar.

Now I don't know about you, but for myself a drinking game association? Really!? How is that related to anything Romero and zombie culture? I can maybe think of Halloween, but nothing else comes to mind (okay maybe TWD and telling Carl to STAY PUT drinking game!). Anyway, this was the only part that stuck out in what it is described as:

The best way to describe the experience of "Musical of the Living Dead" is Mel Brooks meets Max Brooks (well, George Romero, really, but how often do the genres of the two Brookses collide?), with gallons of 3-D gore.

Zombies are still the "it" factor right now, but I do think this takes it a little too far in terms of cashing in on the craze. I rather get splattered with blood for my halloween gig scaring people than sit though this.


Would you see singing and dancing zombies on a musical stage?


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