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Here's some inspired superhero fan-art coming your way that brings a very human dimension to our favorite crime fighters.

We always assume our heroes our impenetrable, bad-guy punching, kick-ass machines, but, like us, they must also surely suffer from ailments and afflictions that leave them feeling less that 100%.

However, where we suffer from the occasional cold or virus, our superheroes must suffer from something a bit more... well... super, and only a super-cure is powerful enough to help in those times of need.

So here are some superhero cures for those superhero ailments.

Tony Stark's Heartburn Cure

Having a rather intrusive arc reactor stuck in the middle of your chest must be a sure-fire way to extreme heartburn. Luckily help is at hand with this heavy-duty antacid - although possible side-effects include recklessness and inflated sense of self:

For the Iron in every man
For the Iron in every man

Hulk's Purple Smash

Anger issues turning you into a massive, green, rage monster? Then get your hands on some Purple Smash. More-than-likely available at all good Colorado stores:

Professor X Headache Pills

Being able to step inside the mind of every single person on the planet must take its toll, so if crippling migraines become a problem - and stroking your temple with two fingers doesn't do the trick - then gobble down some CerebreX. It brings out the professor in all of us. Probably:

Flash ADHD Tablets

Running around really really fast and telling crime to shut up is all well and good, but if you're finding it hard to unwind after a hard days work, you should get involved with some Tortoisol. Just don't take too many, OK?

Dark Knight, Good Night

Were your parents murdered in front of you when you were a child, leaving you hellbent on revenge later in life? Do you wear a cowl and cape and hang out at night stopping crime, but find it hard to sleep when all the dirty work is done? Then Noiroprene is the solution. Warning: might cause extreme cases of coulrophobia:


Which medicine would you be first in line for?

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