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Just one more thing... What do you think of Mark Ruffalo playing Columbo?

Apparently the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) star has been discussing the idea of donning a trench-coat and fighting crime in a slightly less Hulky way.

All these rumors started when screenwriter Gary Whitta, who is currently signed on to write an upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie, tweeted that he'd like to put together a [Columbo Movie](movie:2086199) with Ruffalo in the title role. Whitta, who seems a bit obsessed with Ruffalo, later tweeted to say the two were now represented by the same agency and that this meant his dream project was slightly closer to realization.

This tweet seemingly caught the eye of Ruffalo who later explained he and screenwriter Ed Soloman had actually been talking about the idea. Although this might get some fans excited, it's likely to be disappointing for Whitta. No one likes to be told the love of their professional life is off gallivanting with some other screenwriter...

Obviously at this stage things are still extremely early. All Ruffalo stated was that he had been 'talking about it'. This could mean anything from an executive meeting on the top floor of a major studio to a drunken chat in someone's basement. I think we'll have to wait a bit longer to see if this project does reach maturation.


Could you imagine Mark Ruffalo as Colombo?



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