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Adapting a much loved sci-fi cult classic for television was never going to be easy, but Syfy has just shown part of their attempt in the first full length trailer for [12 Monkeys](series:1055477).

The new series, which draws inspiration from Terry Gilliam's 1995 time-travelling thriller, certainly looks like it will do somethings differently from the film, although there are obvious similarities. For example, in the television version of the story, James Cole (played this time by Aaron Stanford) once again goes back in time to prevent a plague from destroying mankind - like the original movie. However, it seems he will be dealing with different characters and situations once he arrives, while furthermore, he seems to have much more clarity about his mission than Bruce Willis did in the original. Rumors also suggest the enigmatic Army of the Twelves Monkeys will also have a larger role to play in the television version.

Check out the trailer below:

Syfy shows can certainly be hit and miss. They can often boast impressive visuals and premises, but often the stories, dialogue and characters can be a let down. From the looks of the trailer, 12 Monkeys certainly has a drab, oppressive aesthetic, but will it also deliver the goods in other ways?

Currently, 12 Monkeys is expected to premiere in January 2015.


The 12 Monkeys television series looks...

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