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There is absolutely nothing unusual about seeing a feral drunk weaving between cars babbling incoherently at a Taco Bell drive-through... Unless that alcohol sodden wobbler turns out to be Charlie Sheen.

A couple who were looking to satisfy their midnight munchies ended up getting much more than a substandard burrito and a burning anus this weekend when the high priest of emerged from the undergrowth.

Sheen really had no need to waste his precious barbed wire voice informing us that he is 'so fuckin’ hammered' because you can practically smell the booze fumes from the video evidence below;

Picking a favourite moment from these 51 seconds of pure poetry is difficult, but lets just say Sheen was really listening at stage school when they told him that it was important to make an entrance..

I did almost feel sorry for Sheen when his act of generosity toward fans turned him into an absolute mockery, but then I remembered he basically threw his ex-wife and daughters onto the street and thought better of it.

One things for sure, they guy who uploaded it is going to be feeling the full force of Sheen's whisky flavored 'Tiger Blood' on Twitter soon... I give it two days until the rant is unleashed.


Is Charlie Sheen #winning?

(Source: Dlisted)


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