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When a movie has 22% percent on Rotten Tomatoes, you would think that the stars involved would be doing everything short of their fans laundry to persuade them to go and see that stinker.

But, that seems to be far from the case when it comes to [Sex Tape](movie:381860) stars, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal.

According to Radar, the pair were both incredibly rude to the five people who bothered to show up for a screening of their latest on-screen foray in New York.

An eyewitness at Regal Union Square Theater explained that a few fans approached Segal and Diaz asking for photos and autographs but they were sternly brushed away. The source spilled that;

It’s not like the fans were following them at a hotel or restaurant, it was a film premiere with fans. Both of their attitudes were disgusting. When a 20-something fan asked Jason for a photo as he left the premiere he said, ‘No’ and literally slammed the car door right in the fan’s face. People gasped, that’s how bad it was.
And when Cameron was spotted, she also refused the fans telling them, ‘If I did it for you I’d have have to do it for everyone’ before storming off. “Cameron was as unfriendly as can be and it was really disappointing. And Jason was downright nasty to his fans. There were literally only four of five fans waiting and asking for them when they left. It was not a huge crowd and would have taken less time for them to sign an autograph or take a picture rather than giving a lecture about not doing it

To be honest with you, I don't blame Diaz and Segal for being desperate to hotfoot it away from this disaster zone.

When you've made a movie this spectacularly bad, those autograph books and smiles could just be a cunning disguise to lure the unsuspecting celebs over before whipping out the pitchforks and demanding a refund.

That, or Cammy and Jason are just dickheads.


Why were Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal so rude to their fans?

(Source: Dlisted)


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