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Tokyo has of course had its fair share of confrontations with Godzilla, but fortunately, the Japanese capital managed to avoid destruction at his hands in Gareth Edwards' reboot of the series.

However, now Godzilla has returned to coincide with the Japanese premiere of the new film. The production team has constructed a 6.6 meter replica of the city-destroying King of the Monsters in Tokyo Park. Check out the images and press release below:

Crewmember Tetsuo Hayashi airbrushes the final touches to a 6.6 meter replica of the famous Godzilla at Tokyo Midtown on July 15, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The "MIDTOWN Meets GODZILLA" project is in collaboration with the Japan release of the Hollywood film version of "Godzilla" The Godzilla built on the lawns of Tokyo Midtown will host a light show everynight complete with mist, audio and fire rays.

That certainly sounds like it will be a show to behold, I just hope it doesn't cause flashbacks to those Tokyoites who have endured Godzilla's mighty toes in the past.


What do you think of the Godzilla statue?

Source: ComicBookMovie


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