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Most of us Vampire Diaries fans feel the frantic fluttering of butterflies in our stomach whenever smouldering Somerhalder slinks onto our screens, but only so many of us are true super fans.

But, how do you know if you are a borderline Ian Somerhalder obsessive and not just temporarily captivated by those piercing baby blues?

I've created this 18 point diagnostic check list so you can find out your own personal mega fan prognosis... Not that this is a 'disorder' that any of us would want to cure!

So, go forth and count up all the points you agree with before logging your super fan ranking in the poll below for all to see.

18. Even when a picture is blurry and 30-years-old, you can recognize Ian in an instant!

You can almost see those baby blues in black and white...

17. You can totally forgive all of his fashion faux pas moments... Even if it involves wearing a bush as a hat...

It's a versace shrub, darrrling!

16. ...Or a suede peasant blouse in a fetching shade of diarrhoea

Stay strong young Ian, I see better wardrobe choices in your future!

15. You know the names of all his pets, you know, just in case you get to go to his house one day.

Yes... I do know this little pooch is not his, but the cutes are just too much!

14. You totally understand the woman who did this...

Hell, if you had a voice like that, you would do it yourself!

13. ...and you kind of wish this level of insane teenage obsession was socially acceptable

Nice try, but you chose the wrong guy, babes!

12. A road trip to Covington, Louisiana doesn't seem like total insanity to you...

Imagine how many people you can grill about Ian here! Not to mention visiting his high school and favorite hangouts!

11. ...and neither does watching movies with an IMDB of 4.2 just to have access to more smoldering Somerhalder

*cough* How to Make Love to a Woman *cough*

10. If Damon doesn't come back to The Vampire Diaries, neither do you. No negotiations.

The show would have no teeth without the sexiest Salvatore brother.

9. Admit it, you've dabbled in some fan fiction... And, you wouldn't want to show your parents the contents!

Let's just say the term 'glistening washboard abs' featured more than once...

8. You can't decide whether you love Nina Dobrev for bringing you Delena...

Sure, they can be frustrating sometimes, but you're shipping them all the way to the harbor!

7. ...Or want to peel her face off with jealousy because she got to have a piece of real life Ian

She's so cute that sometimes you just want to punch her... Or, is that just me?

6. You've been caught staring deeply into his piercing blue eyes on your laptop on more than one occasion...


5. ...But your obsession with all things Ian isn't just pure animal lust, It's also all about his animal passion...

I've never wanted to be an elephant before, but I think I've changed my mind!

4. ...and his irrepressible drive to make the world a better place for everyone

He works for the United Nations, what more do you want?

3. You would spend every weekend picking up trash in waders just to be by his side and support his vision...

Why are those girls looking the other way?!

2. But you know he would take you out dancing to show his gratitude...

You spin me right round, baby right round.

1. Basically, you know he is pure, distilled, perfection and NOBODY can tell you otherwise!

I think I'd sell my car for this smooch...

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