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Think back to when you were a kid and having nightmares; a lot of them would have been nonsensical or sometimes so normal they feel terrifying! But there's always one that is cemented into your brain for good, whether it be extravagantly horrifying or just something very simple. Surrealist photographer Arthur Tress decided to recreate the most terrifying nightmares that children had throughout the 1960's and 1970's in a photo series he called "The Dream Collector".

Some of these images are absolutely horrifying and in a lot of ways very simple, but they're all extremely effective and would probably work brilliantly in a modern horror if they went back to the route of patience! A lot of these photos will speak for themselves and will hopefully find their way into your own nightmares!

Headless Boy.

Certainly Sleepy Hollow-esque!

Two Boys & A Dog.

Flood Dream.

This may shatter the image of creepiness or add to it but... doesn't the boy look a bit like Joffrey Lannister?

Hand In Bus Seat.

Girl With Dunce Cap.

Boy In Television Set.

Boy And The Crow.

Boy Buried In Sand.

Boy Crushed By Ball.

Girl In Snow.

Man With Soldiers.

Boy With Gloves.

Hockey Player.

Boy And Horse.

Man Ironing His Mother's Hand.

Kinda looks like Christmas at Charles Manson's house.

Flying Dream.

Bride And Groom.

Girl Collecting Goldfish.

Veteran And Mother.

Boy Listening To Man Through Wall.

Girl With Seven Turtles In Her Bed.

The Boy With Roots For Hands.

Child In A White Dress.

Reminiscent of the music video for Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana.

Children With Masks.

Boy Looking Through Glass Hole.

Girl In Mask.

The Chair Man.

A lot of the titles of these pieces are fairly boring for what they contain. They each could have some seriously surreal titles to match their atmosphere! I saved The Chair Man for last, it's my favourite of the bunch! All of them are amazing shots but that one is the most haunting. All of these images remind me of the music videos of surrealist photographer, Matt Mahurin, who directed the videos for Metallica's Unforgiven, Alice In Chains' Angry Chair & Melissa Etheridge's cover of Happy X-Mas (The War Is Over).

Metallica - Unforgiven.

Alice In Chains - Angry Chair.

Melissa Etheridge - Happy X-Mas (The War Is Over).

There are similarities in style between his videos and Tress's work.
Also similar in style is Anton Corbijn's nightmarish, colourful and surreal music video for Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box.

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box.

They also remind me of this surreal (and brilliantly made) horror short done by the folk over at ZeroFriends.


Which Photo Do You Find The Creepiest?


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